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Happy Holidays All

How better to celebrate the love of family and friends than by kicking their asses at some board games. Unfortunately our futuristic technologies have left us with little ways to cheat and fib our way to the top of the board game mountain. Most classics have been adapted to computer games these days or computerized at smaller levels within the board game itself, and if I’m being honest they just aren’t as fun as they used to be that way. So here is my list of top ten board games, Eric also made one awhile back and you can view his list Right Here. Enjoy

10. Trouble

I played this as a pretty young kid and then again while Kassi was a pretty young kid. There’s nothing to it but some luck really, but fun to play every once in awhile just the same.

9. Survivor

We found this at a garage sale a couple years back and it’s incredibly fun to play, unfortunately you can’t really play it often because you will soon remember all the answers to the trivia questions. We played it at Eric’s mom’s house at holidays as well as Cranium family edition.

8. The Game of Life

I still enjoy this game now, and I always go to college at the beginning. One time I had so many kids that I needed a second vehicle just to cart them all around time, lol.

7. Operation

When I first got this game I probably annoyed the shit out of my mom with it’s insanely loud buzzing  when you hit the sides. Guess I learned quite quickly I wasn’t cut out to be a surgeon after all, of course then I found out that blood makes me weak in the knees and pale in the face, so it REALLY wasn’t my destiny after all. Regardless I still enjoyed this game & would actually like to play it again sometime.

6. BattleShip

To anyone that played this with me and lost, I cheated and if you played with me and won well you must have been cheating too, lol. Not as bad as Barney and Robin from HIMYM, I never did stack my ships on top of each other. But I have put them diagonally and moved them if you hit them. I haven’t tried the new electronic version, but I have played online and I’m not quite as good when I can’t cheat, lol.

5. Boggle

I absolutely love this game, but rarely actually get a chance to play because like I hate playing Monopoly with Eric (because he takes it too seriously), he hates playing Boggle with me because he always loses. I might however try to get him to play this Christmas with me, maybe if I promise I’ll watch a Christmas movie with him ;-P

4. Trivial Pursuit

We don’t own any of these except Pop Culture ones, but enjoy playing almost all of them. I don’t like playing the Disney one though because I always get my ass handed to me. My two worst subjects would have to be sports (because I don’t know anyone’s names) & music (Again because I don’t know any names, I like whatever I like, That’s it that’s all). We used to play these quite often. but haven’t in awhile so maybe I’ll use this to bargain a couple rounds of Boggle, hehe.

3. Clue

Another one that has been re-invented to be more appealing to the technologically savvy younger generation. I don’t even know if I’d know how to play it anymore, but it was a lot of fun when I was younger. I always wanted to be Ms.Scarlet with the revolver. Did I cheat at this one too? Of course, anytime I had a chance to peek at the envelope I did, lol.

2. Cranium

There really aren’t many of the Cranium games that I do not enjoy, we bought a card like one that sucks and I didn’t enjoy the pop 5 one that much either. But regular Cranium is a ton of fun, especially when you’ve got larger groups. Word to the wise, grab extra play-doh theirs goes hard pretty quickly.

1.5 Scrabble

I used to be really good at this game, then something happened and I’m not so good anymore 😦 Eric beats me because I leave the good squares open, what’s up with that. Don’t get me wrong, my words are usually better, but he plays in the better spots because I sacrifice my words for the sake of the board. I’m such a Scrabble martyr, ahaha.

1. Scattegories

We play this pretty often now, though we never get through the whole 16 lists. We just made two lists of our own this week, and I think we should make a couple more. It’s nice to get away from things that you start knowing after awhile. We don’t play weird letters usually unless we want a real challenge, which is rare, lol

Some honourable mentions have to go out to:


When Leah and I were younger we played this for hours. We took out all the bad Chance cards and eliminated the tax squares, played hotels without buying houses first, bought property on the first round and played hotels when we didn’t own the whole set. We were the worst Monopoly players on the face of the Earth.


Any board game that came with a creepy videotape was alright with me. I managed to get a copy of this about 12-14 years ago (Holy Crap, I am OLD!) from a friend and played it with Kass (who was pretty young at the time) and it scared the crap out of her & I felt a little bit bad, but probably not bad enough to not laugh. Sorry sis!


5 WORDS >>>>>Play this while you’re drinking!!


Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season no matter what you celebrate, or even if you don’t maybe you’ll have some free time anyway. Either way, Happy Holidays to all!!




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Another collaboration with Eric (Guess who’s idea this one was, lol). We each have 25 because I simply couldn’t cut my list down, and just kept thinking of more instead of less. Once I reached 25 that was it though, no more. They are in no particular order and are listed by their show character, not necessarily their actual names.

Here is Eric’s list, check it out….After you’ve checked mine out, lol

Zack Morris – Saved By The Bell

 One of my childhood crushes. *Time out* *Time In*

Weevil – Veronica Mars

And Weevil on a motorcycle, yum yum even better!

Tory Belleci – MythBusters

Tory cracks me up, and he’s willing to do just about anything. Can’t go wrong there.

Spike & Angel – Buffy The Vampire Slayer

I’m actually fairly new to this show, tried it before left it then started trying it again with Netflix. But these two guys make Buffy’s whining easier to sit through.

Scott Wilson & Justin Lukach – Departures

Another new show. Justin is HILARIOUS! Scott is so down to Earth and sensitive. I love the two of them traveling together, and pushing each other to do different things.

Sawyer – Lost

Ah Sawyer!! King of nicknames, and King of my Lost heart!

Jack – Revenge

He’s just so darn sweet, you can’t help but love him. But then he gets behind the wheel of his boat and I’m just lost.

Pacey Witter – Dawson’s Creek

Pacey was not only my favourite character of the series, but in my eyes he could do no wrong, even when he was doing the teacher.

Khal Drogo – Game of Thrones

Jon SNow – Game of Thrones

My GoT boys. Drogo is so damn sexy that it makes me want to watch Conan just to see Jason Momoa barely clad again. And Jon Snow is such an endearing character he makes my heart melt, plus those ringlets aren’t bad wither ;-P

Kappy – Greek

The sensitive party boy, somehow able to make ugly hockey hair look good.

King Henry – The Tudors

A far cry from the portraits of actual King Henry the Eighth. I’d risk beheading for those ice blues and pouty lips.

Nathan Scott – One Tree Hill

From asshole to sweetheart to lost to superstar and so on and so forth. Whatever his ‘tude is, he’s still a great husband and father and I just love him to pieces.

Gordon Ransay – Hell’s Kitchen & Kitchen Nightmares

Yes, he’s a huge asshole, but he’s damn sexy while being one.

Eric Northman & Godric – True Blood

Eric is always smoldering no matter how much of a jerk he’s being, and there’s something about Godric’s manner and then his tattoos that get me going.

Dexter Morgan – Dexter

Dark passenger and all.

Coop – Nurse Jackie

Coop is so flippin’ funny, stupid as hell but lovable all the same. I even think Jackie’s starting to come around to him, just a smidgen.

Caleb – Pretty Little Liars

This is definitely more of a , darn if I was a little younger I’d be all for him. He’s a sweetheart with an edge, which seems to be a theme here, lol

Michael – Roswell

Broody Michael with his smoochable lips!!

Agent Seeley Booth – Bones

Agent Booth can arrest me any day!!

The Big Bang Boys – The Big Bang Theory

I couldn’t decide on just one of them. Leonard is short but sweet and pretty good looking for always wearing hoodie, Howard cracks me up and I love a man that can make me laugh, Raj is too adorable for words which would be just fine since I’m a woman and he wouldn’t talk to me anyway, lol. And Sheldon is just plain Sheldon, can’t help but love him especially that itty bitty laugh he does.


Anderson Cooper – CNN & Anderson & Anderson 360

No matter how boring the subject he may be discussing, he makes it look good while he does it.

Amar – Little Mosque on the Prairie

Former lawyer, madly in love with a woman and a great friend and imam.

Cesar Milan – The Dog Whisperer

I might not agree with all of his advice, but he is a dog lover and so patient with the people he tries to teach. And I love listening to him talk in Spanish!

Bart SImpson – The Simpsons

As a child I had such a mad crush on Bart. Carefree (duh, he’s a kid) and a rule breaker, that’s my kind of cartoon boyfriend, lol

Greg – CSI

He cracks me up, and his wacky hair and smarts work for me!

So it seems as though a theme is present. I like humour, bad assness & crazy hair it seems. Well Eric has 2/3 so maybe there’s something there after all. J/K husband I love ya!!

You can check out his tv crushes Here

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