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That’s It!!

I am officially done eating.

Doesn’t matter what it is, I gobble it down

I can’t take much more of this


I’m done


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I recently got rid of all the apps on my phone because I was beyond bored with them. I kept Angry Birds however, because, Damn It, I am determined to finish the thing. When?? I have no idea since I can’t remember the last time I actually played it, but I WILL finish it. Anywhooo, on to my story. So after I deleted things I realized that I needed something to fidget with on my phone so I downloaded a Bingo app.

Sidenote: I realize that this is going to make me look like an old biddy, what with the playing Bingo & harping on kids……. but some things need to be said. Now listen up, Granny’s talkin’!!

Alrighty, so I downloaded a Bingo app called Lucky Bingo, it seemed like one of the few free ones that actually resembled Bingo. I tried a few others that were plain ridiculous. Unfortunately this game seems to be masquerading as a KIK messenger app living advertisement. There is a chat when you play and so many people don’t even actually play, they just log in to chat and try to get others to add them on this KIK thingy. Now since a good portion of them aren’t even playing you’d think it would be nice & easy to win right?? Not even close, I get so frustrated but at the same time it’s slightly addicting. Back to the chat thingy, do you remember chat rooms back in the day when pervy people would write ASL & no doubt someone would answer & then they’d try to pull you into chatting one on one if they liked what they heard. That is essentially what this is coming across as. IN fact I actually saw someone type ASL the other day & nearly rolled off the bed laughing. The problem I’m finding is that some of these kids are saying that they’re anywhere between 13 & 18 generally, and since so few people tell the truth on the internet (except me, I’m totally honest all the time ;-p) I have a hard time to believe them as they invite others to chat with them on KIK. It has the adult in me cringing with the knowledge that most of them are not as they appear. Which leads me to my next thought, why on Earth would a 13 year old download a Bingo app in the first place & how on Earth did a friggin’ Bingo app become home to picking people up??!?? This seriously boggles my mind.

My next bits may offend some of you out there, my apologies, well sorta. If you become offended perhaps you should take a good look around you and truly listen to what I’m saying. But know this, I am not a parent nor will I ever be a parent to anything other than furry four legged dudes so like Jon Snow I know nothing & you can either cast aside my opinions or tell me to Fuck Off, most likely I won’t give a damn but go on & give it your best shot if that’s what you feel you need to do.

I know some very good mothers & I know some pretty rotten ones as well. Children need stimulation, I know this because I was once a child myself. The best mothers take time out of their day to interact with their child & give them stimulation, they realize that the tv is not the only option for ‘something to do’. They give their child information that is not only meant to keep them quiet. My friend Amy is perhaps one of the best that I’ve seen when it comes to explaining things to her child. I see many others take the baby voice and give minimal explanation as to how something works or why you must abide by certain things, but she generally takes the time to explain, in what I have coined the patient Mommy voice, to her now 4 year old (man time flies) the workings of the world. World, okay ,maybe a bit extreme but in a way yes, because I have no doubts that this child will grow up well. I was on the ferry the other day when I heard another mother explaining to her two children the methodology behind parking a massive Navy boat. It was amazing to listen to her talk, engrossed in teaching her children. Too few parents do this, instead we have children running around with technology that they don’t need at the ages they’re getting it at. Please don’t misinterpret that as I don’t think children should be using technology, because in this day and age that would not be a reality.  But a ten year old spending all their time on their cell phones, texting their friends & playing games is a little ridiculous in my opinion.

I have another friend, who I will not name because 1. I’ve never cleared talking about her before, which I’m pretty sure I’ve done with Amy & 2. She’s not a huge part of my life anymore, which seems to be the case with a lot of my friends, but that’s a story for another day. She does a great job at balancing with her children, they might play games inside but they are also well socialized & play outdoors often, including organized sports. I think trying organized sports is important actually, not only because nothing tried is nothing gained but because it teaches discipline & teamwork & also when they go to school they kind of have no choice about playing sports in gym anyway so why not give them a head start, like you do when you teach them their numbers & alphabet before they go.

I’m probably the most paranoid person out there when it comes to young children, they start to fall I gasp so loud they can hear me in China. But I also know that in order to learn they also have to fail (& fall). This doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. Kids are given the answers to things without trying for themselves. Grade one, here’s a calculator & a laptop & oh yeah if you’re wrong well we won’t use red pen or tell you you’re wrong, we’ll just explain a better way. It’s no wonder that teacher’s are having a tough time finding work, they don’t get the chance to teach anymore. Maybe it’s just Nova Scotia but with the issues teachers everywhere seem to be having I highly doubt it. I have a friend who just recently became a teacher & found work in China due to the lack of jobs here, I’m going to have to ask her about her experiences to give myself a little more information I think.

So my problem is…. and I see it everywhere I go now. Youth have this sense of entitlement & it’s undeserved. Many of them have this attitude about them that says I’m top of the food chain honey & you had better deal with it. Hey parents, this is on you. Teach your kids some humility, it’ll save them a little heartbreak some time in the future. So many of them come in to the workforce expecting a pay check for nothing, because they’ve just been given everything. Trust me when I say I’ll take them down a peg, in my world you have to earn what you get, not just be there to accept it. Think I’m being cruel, take a walk into a place that employs mostly teenagers & you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

The kids I see coming into their first year of university are about half and half, and if I was the parent of the work I see coming from these guys, they’d be getting themselves a job and paying for their own education so damn fast they’d get whiplash.

I say, Stop being lazy and allowing technology to raise your children for you. Otherwise your kids might be living with you until the day you die because they’ve never learned to be self-sufficient in anything other than keeping up with the latest iPhone release or the like. You chose to have kids now you need to finish the job too…. Or your kids could be the ones sexting random strangers because they’ve never learned or simply want attention.

Playing Bingo, Mom. Uh huh…

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I have just finally gotten around to watching the first part of Breaking Dawn & what a piece of shit it is. I will admit it I really enjoy the book series. It’s fluffy, silly & light reading with enough sentimental shit to tug on my heartstrings but overall I have not been impressed with any of the movies. I found them to be getting steadily better from the first installment but this last one takes the rotten cake to another level.

How many damned slow motion close-ups do I need of Bella’s pouty face. I maintain that this book (regardless of how massive it looks) had no business being made into a 2-part movie. There is not nearly enough to keep it full of interesting visuals & this movie made it blatantly clear by spending forever and a day on a wedding that, let’s be totally honest here, Bella looked miserable walking down the aisle to.

And what on Earth was going on with those wolfy voices?!?! Were they trying to yell at each other from inside a cave or something? Makes no bloody sense why they would talk like that at all. What a fucking joke almost all of the wolf scenes were actually. That lame fight at the end? Give it up, men don’t watch these movies so they can say they watched the best (re: LAME) action sequence EVER, if they watch it at all it’s to make sure they are getting laid, hopefully with extra goodies thrown in there for them. SO stop trying to appeal to men, they don’t give a rat’s ass.

I will say, however, that the job they did at making Bella look emaciated was exceptionally done. She looked disgusting, so well done special effects/make-up people. If only the acting was on par with the make-up but hey we can’t get that many miracles from that department can we?

The honeymoon was filmed beautifully but again entirely too many close-ups and slow motion shit. Yes, I get it they’re finally having sex but slow ass filming of playing chess….. what the fuck!

I am pissed off even more so than I have been about any of the other movies. Thankfully this waste of my time was brought to me free by the Halifax Public Library system so that’s a plus.

For all the people out there that told me this was such an amazing movie & the best of the bunch so far……….

What the fuck were you watching???

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I work part time at a gas station, & yes I realize that fueling stations are highly irksome for many people these days because of the gas prices. It sure does make having summer fun much more expensive, I get that but do you have to be such assholes when you come in to see me?!? This beginning part will entirely be about customer service fails (on both sides of the spectrum).

I work weekends, every weekend unless I specifically ask for one off & actually receive it but that’s besides the point… Point I’m trying to make is that while most people I see are enjoying their weekends I am at work pasting a smile on my face while YOU come in all miserable-like. WTF! Get a grip on yourself, you are not the center of the universe & simply because you are my customer I will not pretend you are.

Common courtesy goes a loooooong way. If someone greets you with a smile & asks how things are going, well the polite response would be, well honestly any one really. Don’t just shove your damned money at me and say $20. Or grunt at me, for the love of dog people, you are not hogs, how do sound so much like one? That goes without saying for the person on the other side of the counter too. For obvious reasons I will not name where I work but most FB people will know anyway 🙂 But there are some MAJOR idiots that work where I do, to the point that I left a very specific note pasted on the counter that it is the customers that pay our bills so start acting like it. There are few of us there that seem to know how to smile at people, it’s not that fucking hard. Or greet someone when they walk through the door or even at the very least when they get to the counter. It’s also a pet peeve of mine when cashiers ask, “Is that it?”, it sounds so damned rude to me, sometimes they even omit the IS, so “That it?”, no eye contact, no smile nothing really that says hey we appreciate your business. Does that clichéd? Yeah maybe so, but since my mom was a single mother  most of the time & raised us on a waitress’s wages, customer service meant the difference in what we ate. As a cashier it doesn’t quite work that way, but the value is still ingrained into me. I personally take pride in my own work,, I’ll be totally honest I really couldn’t care less about the company but they are damned lucky to have me & I don’t say that because I am conceited. However, I do my work and a good portion of other people’s as well because I can’t stand for people to think it was me that did such a terrible job. I also am quite good with customers even when, to be honest, I don’t much like people at all. What’s that? You want specifics. Oh you’re so on!!

This past weekend I gave a customer 15 cents change when he was supposed to get 13 cents, because I hate to count pennies. Well turns out his nickel was an American one. No biggie right, well you’d think I gave him one I had just spit on. He turns around, pushes past the customer who is at the counter now and throws it on the counter but doesn’t say anything. So I ask, “Is there something wrong?”. “I don’t want that.” he replies. “Okay?” So he looks at me for a second and then says in a snide voice, “I WANT a Canadian one!” If I had been thinking quickly enough, & wasn’t so incredulous I would have grabbed 3 cents from the penny cup and gave him those since all he entitled to was 13 cents but I was more surprised than anything. It’s a fucking nickel, not $50, get a grip on yourself asshole!

And from the other side. When you pick up the pump nozzle at out stores it gives us the most annoying noise in the world to authorize you to allow your pump to begin. Ideally we should respond quickly enough but that doesn’t always happen, especially if you have King Lazy behind the counter. Now King Lazy is a not very bright new person working at our store, if you think that’s not being very nice then you tell me how you would describe somebody who didn’t know how to use the calculator or what a decimal was used for. Yup, I am in no way kidding. What I can’t understand is how that even happens. He’s younger, somewhere around 20ish, and at that age when you go through school everything is done by calculators and computers not by your very capable brains (as it was when I went to school). So how on Earth does someone not know that ten dollars and twenty-five cents is put into the calculator as 10.25 or for people that don’t bother using calculators, not know how to convert the value in your head. Blow my mind… Anywhoooo, off topic so back I go. SO King Lazy is working ( well he’s there at work that is), and the gas pumps are going off for authorization and he’s got his ass stuck on a stepladder trying ever so hard to reach our screens by stretching. Ever see the Simpson’s NY episode where Homer tries to reach for the pizza place with one foot on his car, well yeah that’s basically the idea here. Obviously it doesn’t work out, so he sighs visibly, gets up, stretches his back first and THEN finally authorizes the pump(s). When these people come in the store he hauls himself back off the step stool and hits just one of the random pumps on the screen, tells the customer the amount only to be told that that was not the right pump. No greeting, no smile, no please or thank you. Not a fucking thing! I can’t stand cashiers like that, mostly because I hold them to my own standards which are high.

I believe in professionalism at work, even at a gas station or WalMart or wherever. There are certain things that should be done and certain things that should not. Going home with one of your customers that you just met is on the DO Not Do list in my opinion. But that line has been crossed several times by one employee where I work. A customer brushing a piece of lint of my chest has been done, I almost hauled off and punched him but somehow restrained. That was a brief stint at a bar for a second job, but I did not enjoy the dynamic of having convenience store customers who were normally on their best behaviour all of a sudden take a different turn, like the above scenario so that DID NOT last very long.  I also believe in not judging a book by its cover. I had a biker in this weekend who looked rough I’ll admit it, but that doesn’t mean I treated him any different. Apparently he gets a lot of that though because he told me it was nice to actually have someone treat him with respect and not vermin, and someone who actually smiled at him. He said people often see the leather M.C. jacket and assume he’s part of a gang. Really? People deserve respect no matter who they are unless they have done something to you personally to lose that, who the hell are we to judge anyone for what they like in the first place? I suppose when you grow up in a city with Hells Angels who were always nice when they came in the stores I worked at, you gain a different perspective.

I believe in customer service, it is a job looked down upon by so many people but without the service industry you would be shit out of luck for your goods. I created this a little while ago for some manager’s training I had to do, but it’s entirely relevant to so many other things.


It was meant as a reminder to the cashiers to smile for their customers & a little incentive to smile pretty. If The Rock in a dress doesn’t to it for you, well you are dead inside, lol.

After letting go of someone for their poor customer service, he asked us “Well do you expect me to fake it?” You’re fucking right I do!! If you come to work a miserable dick everyday I have no use for you. Everyone has those days, but you persevere through it & if you just can’t anymore then it’s high time you get out of there.

I would love to hear your own customer service nightmares below, so leave me a comment describing it, I have so many I truly think I might start a new blog about it because I’m already at 1500 words and I haven’t even started in on my second topic yet….

So on to the much anticipated Diablo 3 release. I have mostly been playing a monk & I really enjoy her but have been plagued by lag like many others but thankfully not half as bad as those in Australia or Taiwan have had it. One of my biggest peeves about this game is that it is online play only & I don’t like that aspect. If I am playing solo, I should not have to be online for that to happen, it leaves the game open to the lag issues & if you enter general chat it is FILLED with more gold spammers than WoW or people talking up their skills and everyone else’s lack thereof or trolls, lots and lots of damned trolls. Once I am in general chat I have no idea how to get out of it. I have not been pleased so far with loot drops, the rares I find are not suited for my monk so I am surviving on a lot of blues 😦 I have also tried the demon hunter who thus far I am not loving although I finally got something to hit groups with & that’s cool but it drains my resource quickly. So far the generator spell is weak and takes several hits & I don’t like that but once I’ve worked a bit more with the monk I’ll go back and play a bit more. I’ve also tried the witch doctor but I seriously can’t remember gameplay with her. I am the type of person who likes instant results, it’s why I am a terrible frost mage in WoW, it takes strafing and time, whereas I leveled with fire, bang bang you’re dead now & I love arcane because I’m quite honestly a lazy DPSer and I only have to hit a few buttons to kill things, still before they reach me. That’s the vibe I am getting from the DH, strafing and technique both of which I have no patience for. Probably why I’m a terrible PVPer as well. I still have the Wizard & the Barbarian to try yet, and am pleased to see that mana regen is soooo much quicker than it was in D2. For thos of you playing hard core, man oh man, all the power to you. I do not have the desire to do that because I would be SO pissed if I died & lost everything I had worked for. Okay I’ll be honest not if I died, WHEN I died. I know myself. But I still want to try playing with another person through battlenet, if I’m being forced to play online might as well give it a try with another person I guess. I also plan to give PVP a try, though I am sure it will have disastrous results, I am curious how it will work. Arena like I wonder? We’ll see I guess, but so far general chat has monks & demon hunters as the front liners for being epic PVPers, I don’t think even that will help me, although I can heal myself which is pretty awesome!!


Today’s Blast From The Past is Diablo 2 to go with D3. I played this before the first Diablo and it has been my fave since then, I hope that D3 will take over that spot but Blizz still has some things to fix first in my opinion. I could spend hours playing this game & often did. The necromancer & the assassin were probably my fave characters although I also enjoyed the druid and the paladin immensely. I can no longer play it on my computer because it begins blankign out terrain aspects so I can’t always see incoming mobs, not cool if youplan on staying alive.


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F.U. The Killing F.U.

Very obviously talking about the American version here…

I am seriously getting fed up & here’s why.

Last year there were several interviews with cast members as the season was coming to an end. In these interviews they played up constantly that the viewers would not be disappointing and we would be left satisfied with the final product. And then the tune changed and said that “Who Killed Rosie Larsen” would not be revealed until season 2, but not far into the season because they had another case that would need to be solved. And again that changed to by the end of season 2, well guess what….. I am beyond frustrated at this point. I want to know who fucking killed Rosie Larsen since that was the bloody tagline for all of season 1 implying that we would eventually know whodunnit. I am tired of getting the runaround week after week, and to you people that keep saying, “Well in real life, crimes don’t get solved immediately either & I like the reality”…. Well screw you too. There is little ‘reality’ involved in this case, it is discombobulated & all over the board. The storylines have become a tangled web of I don’t give a damn anymore.

!!!Spoiler Alert Ahead!!!

Rosie is not Stan’s daughter. She also apparently hates her parents and wanted to get away from them, maybe becoming an escort herself & befriending the son of a man Stan killed years ago.

Mitch is hiding out in a hotel pretending some runaway is her murdered daughter, sleeping in the same bed (WTF) and completely shunning her responsibilities as a mother to two other kids.

Terri has her hand in something off, between being a prostitute escort & doing the father of Rosie’s boyfriend who is claimed to have been doing Rosie too, trying to be a mother to the boys, oh yeah and can’t forget waiting for Stan in bed and kissing him, yeah her sister’s still husband.

Richmond is in a wheelchair and seriously pissed off because, oh yeah, he’s been framed by his mayoral opponent.

Gwen left him to go try and be the daddy’s girl she so desperately craves but that won’t work out so she comes waltzing back to help Richmond again. Surprise surprise, he lets her back in… business only though. Uh huh, sure.

Holder, the only character I actually really like is given little this season except being given the treatment of a worthless human being. Being called ‘dirty’ by someone he truly trusted and then initially shunned by Linden for that exact reason. I always feel a little bad for him, his major shining moments are with poor moody, brooding Jack.

Linden gets accused of allowing her emotions to rule. To that I respond, “What emotions?” I’m sorry Mireille Enos, but that character is sooo one dimensional it’s ridiculous.

Bring in the family of a man Stan murdered, an Indian reservation & some bigshots …..

And this season everything gets thrown together in a big jambalaya pot and shaken not stirred. Bring in the mob and hey we’ve got a party. Wait, they’ve done that so everyone’s here, now let’s congo.

All in all, let’s get this show on the road now. You’ve spent more than enough time still working on last season’s objective, “Who Killed Rosie Larsen?” and nothing substantial is coming out of each week’s episodes. Mitch’s storyline is almost stand alone, except for the fact that she is operating on the guilt of letting down her daughter. The custody arrangement for Jack has nothing to do with the story. And quite honestly weirdness abounds.

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Big Babies

A couple things have come up recently that have been bugging me. Are we as a society getting more sensitive or just more open about what bothers us & how we feel about it? A few times this week I caught myself thinking, “What a bunch of big babies!” Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, you don’t have to like it or respect it but that’s the truth, you can do your best to express yourself  but don’t expect to convert someone to your thinking all the time. I think you should always make yourself known and make strong points in your opinions but at least know what the fuck you’re talking about when you make those points. Education doesn’t have to be academic, but people at least need to know what is going on in the world today, to shape yourself & your children (if that’s the path you chose). All parents want their children to be the best that they can be, you don’t have to be a parent to know this, but how can you expect them to do this if you don’t start teaching them.Anywhooooo….

As always, especially as of late, bullying is dominating the headlines. This is ABSOLUTELY NOT going to be about bullying not being as bad as it’s being made out to be, so relax you can keep reading. It’s a huge problem, and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better so why? A friend & I were talking (semi)recently about her co-worker who didn’t realize that his daughter was quite possibly a bully herself. I can relate to this, I was not a very nice kid, in fact I would be considered a bully by today’s standards. My position within our grade school clique was “The Heartbreaker”, I was the girl who told you in no uncertain terms that you were not good enough to hang out with us, who were we you ask. Nobody! That’s the problem, the people doing these things are nobodies, looking to be somebody. I’m not justifying it, not at all. I was mean, I was a bitch. I’m not proud of myself & I sincerely hope that I have apologized to everyone that I know of who I treated that way, I know I have to many, and some I couldn’t even begin to try to find. Would my mom have realized this, no most likely not. I was always a private person, but this is only put out there to make you realize that you have to be the leader in your child’s life. Know what they are up to & teach them. Teach them about self-confidence and how to stand up for themselves, talk about bullying, what it is & why it shouldn’t be done. It’s not up to the media & celebrities to tell your kids that things will get better, it should be the best it can get. The whole point is this spiel is that every single person is responsible for your own actions, blaming circumstance on everyone else just isn’t going to work.

Moving on, Hunger Games. Yup, I am going there. I am absolutely sick to death of the debate over this book (& movie). Again I reiterate, educate yourself on what your child is reading or wants to go watch. All those groups that bitch, moan and lament about what kids are reading/watching today…. Man shut the fuck up! Is it violent, yes it is. But it is a piece of creative work that plays on today’s societal issues. We live in a violent world, among so many other problems with it. We soak up all the terrible stuff actually happening in the world and run with it but a piece of fiction that makes you actually think (without actually hurting anyone) is a big no-no, where’s the logic in that.

Fake Violence                                 OR     










Real families fleeing real threats of violence in Syria, yes a real country. Or a story that poses no real harm to you or your family. I can understand it not being your cup of tea, fine. But where is your outrage for what is really happening in the world today if those are the feelings that a fictional story evoke.

Social media has gotten completely out of hand. It seems to go in one extreme or the other most of the time. Total addict or couldn’t care less, but for the love of dog (<<Completely intentional, I don’t believe in god) people need to back out of your own business. Whatever your social media deal is, it’s yours not anyone else’s so make your own decision about how to deal with it. The only reason I keep my own FB active is because it’s all I really have to keep in touch with people back home. I’m not a good communicator, never have been and probably never will be. I can see how kids are growing and keep up with what’s happening in people’s lives easily. If someone doesn’t post a lot or posts too much, well deal with it in your own way, but trying to coerce someone to do what you wish them to do….Bitch please! I have a friend who’s currently thinking about de-activating her account and as much as I wish she wouldn’t it’s completely her decision and no one should be trying to make her decisions for her. Back out of people’s lives, it’s none of your business. And yeah I totally see the irony in what I’ve just written ;-p

On a happier note & not on this topic at all. Bones & Game of Throne & Nurse Jackie are all back. Yipp-frickin-pee!!

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So…… I’m sure most of you have definitely seen me ranting about the implications that the damn transit strike has been having on my daily life so I’m only going to briefly mention a little bit (directly) about that. The problem is; that it has caused a ripple effect into the other aspects of my life.

Now I can understand, to a certain extent, the frustration on the part of the Amalgamated Transit Union. The cafeteria style scheduling system that they’ve been using for years is familiar to them and quite handy for those that have a family that require scheduling around. I also believe that people deserve raises for jobs well done. Of course that is not to say the transit workers always do a job well, in fact some of them are quite ignorant and rude,but there are always the people that make it worth it to see them. As with anything else I suppose. But I digress. At this point I am just getting ticked off, one group cannot get everything that they want, that’s not what negotiating is about. Regardless of what they do the public is going to be the one footing the bill in some way, shape or form so let’s just get on with it already The ATU has repeatedly said that it is not about the money, but yet when presented with their desired scheduling and a lower percentage raise it was turned down. SO let’s get real here, IT’S ALWAYS ABOUT MONEY!! Stop lying to us and the city and get it out there once and for all so maybe honesty can start things rolling. We’re on day 12 of this strike and there are no signs of ending at this point. I think it’s incredibly rude to post Peter Kelly’s phone number on a sign saying “Need a ride, call this number”. Peter Kelly is not the only one to blame for what is happening, and I am not a fan of Kelly and his perpetual nothing wrong here attitude. I find it rude the the paying public to throw it in our faces that some of us are left without ways to get to and from important places, like school and work. I liken it to the equivalent of someone heading exactly in the direction of where you are headed and not bothering to offer you a drive. No manners or respect. Everyone has to give a little to get a little, they have to understand that something has to be done to help alleviate the budgetary woes that go into the cafeteria style shift selection. Kids are told all the time that they can’t have everything just because they want it, is that what the Union is reduced to…children?? My mom used to tell me money doesn’t grow on trees, somebody should remind both the Union and HRM about that. Hey Mom, you want to do the honours?

The problems that have stemmed from this are hitting me hard. I am incredibly stressed out. I have to rely on strangers to try and get to classes which is incredibly frustrating. Walking two hours+ is really tough on my feet and legs and my poor old lady back. I need to get in to see the orthopedic specialist, but I lost my prescription and my doctor moved her office ridiculously far away and I can’t bloody well get there to get a new prescription. So I have no excuse (valid acceptable excuse) for missing classes or important exams because I couldn’t get to my doctor for a note anyway. Now I did walk home one day last week, and by the end of the walk I was limping so badly that I had to call Eric to come and meet me to take my backpack from me because I couldn’t take it much longer. It looks as though I have three walks ahead of me this week if I can handle it that is. I cannot afford taxi fare, it’s around $30 for one way, so if it comes down to it I can walk partway and cab it the rest of the way, but in all honesty I really can’t afford that either. Being a poor ass student stinks. So with all this stress and frustration I have been having a very difficult time focusing on my studying. Not good when I had 3 midterms last week. I did not do well on them at all. C+, B- and an A-. Completely unacceptable, I cannot have a mind that won’t focus. I wasn’t even sure if I could make it in to the university to write the exams in the first place, so I ran around trying to find a ride in between studying attempts. Not very efficient use of my time, just as writing this post is not a good way to study for my philosophy exam, but I have to get some things off my mind. So my grades are suffering, and I can’t afford to have that happening. I did not come back to school to do a shit job of it, it costs too damn much.

I also joined the gym the week before last, I have been twice. I haven’t had the time to get there in between trying to get to and from school or trying to study or just being totally played out from everything. I wanted to join the gym because I’m tired of being unhealthy and I’m tired of being a fatass. So I joined with full intentions of getting out there and working my ass off, quite literally. I haven’t made it in and stress makes me eat the worst crap I can possibly find. Which is just making me irritated and cranky. Not to mention headachy because I’m slouched over so much my back is perma-curved.

I also went back to the gynecologist, she did a pelvic exam and sent me on my way with another prescription for pills and an appointment for another damned ultrasound. I’m at the point where I just want to tell her to cut me open and take everything out, it’s causing me more problems than anything else. I can barely remember to take these pills twice a day……with an alarm, now I have to take them three times a day. I`d be perfectly happy with a two month cycle except for the pain I get leading up to it. I wear a bra with K cups, I do not need my breasts swollen for a good two weeks before if not more. Nor do I need the 3 weeks of cramping and intermittent nausea. It`s not fun and no one should have to deal with that. So for now I wait, again. Always waiting when it comes to my inner lady bits.

Here`s also a quick update on my classes so far this term, I hate almost all of them ;-p. Biology is a pain in my ass. I am not a dictionary, there is no bloody way I am going to remember all that terminology. My human geography class is the most utterly boring class in the world and I have no idea what the prof. is even looking for half the time or what he`s getting at. He admitted that he goes off on rambling tangents but this is beyond that. Philosophy is……. beyond my brain capacities I fear. I don`t care about what all these people think, nor can I keep my eyes from drooping while I try to read the most boring textbook I have had to date. The best part about it is finding all the spelling mistakes, apparently they couldn`t afford a good editor, lol. My oceans geography course is good, but International Law is confusing and there is a shit ton of maritime history. On the plus side, the `textbook`is not really a text book at all so it should be much less boring. And finally Geography of Canada is not too bad. I`ve always had a difficult time with demographic things so I struggle there, but I really enjoy that prof. so it`s all good.

It is customary that I finish with a blast from the past, today`s is actually me in grade one. I went to Brighton Public School in Waterloo, and in grade 1 I had my banana seat bike stolen from my yard and dumped in the sewer drain at the school yard, broke my arm falling off the monkey bars, and discovered my love for reading. What I would give to have just one day more of having no cares in the world besides trying to be the one who got to sit in the pillow laden claw foot tub in the class to read Robert Munsch or maybe Amelia Bedelia.



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