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I am a woman who is married to a man who can appreciate that women, by far, have the more appealing bodies. Because I needed some lightness & fun in my day, I decided to highlight some of my girl crushes because they are quite admirable. Keep in mind that they are in no particular order.

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The beautiful Cameron Diaz. I’ve enjoyed her in every role I’ve seen her in (that I can think of right now) but I think she’s funny, personable in interviews, plus I always feel that she’d be pretty down to Earth in real life.


Emilia Clarke but in reality it’s her character Daenarys that I love. The fierceness and unwillingness to let ‘being a woman’ stand in her way is what makes me ‘girl swoon’ ;-p


Miss Emma Stone, very much the same reasons as Cameron Diaz in all honesty


Smoldering Eva Green. I love everything about her, I wish she was in more but she’s very choosy about what she does. I respect that,but I do love to listen to her talk and her gaze is powerfully intense.


Kat Dennings…I continue to watch 2 Broke Girls for her, pretty much just her. She’s more than just a walking, talking pair of boobs her deadpan delivery is spot-on, I like that.


Kate Hudson. I think she’d make a great best friend for some reason. Also for unknown reasons I always think of her as her How to Lose a Guy character, a girl’s girl but also a girl who can throw down with the boys.


Kyomi McCloskey – Lead singer of Hunter Valentine, also appeared in the last season of The Real L Word, where she was kind of a douchebitch, but yet I still couldn’t take my eyes off her when she was around. So douchey but still sweet at the right times, and gorgeous!


Mila Kunis. I love her big eyes, and the humour that seems to come so easily. I’ve read an interview with her about playing World of Warcraft when she was dating Macaulay Culkin and she was so personable.


Nathalie Dormer. I have a bit of an obsession with Anne Boleyn for some reason and she was my first introduction to her as more than a beheaded old queen. Now she’s playing Margaery Tyrell in Game of Thrones and I am always excited for an episode she appears in. I love the little upward curl of her lip she usually has going on, and give me an accent any day.


Pink!!! She is totally badass, fierce and unflinching.

Today I’m giving you a blast from the past. Angelina Jolie is amazingly beautiful, courageous and generous. Her lips are exquisite but she carries herself with an enormous amount of grace that is hard not to admire. So, my introduction to her was in Foxfire where she was young, and covering up her womanly attributes but exudes beauty regardless.



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Another hubby collaboration.

There are some characters that you just want to throttle because they are so irritating. It’s not the actor (well okay sometimes it is) but the character they are portraying . This post is dedicated to those guys/gals, you can check out Eric’s list HERE

In no particular order:

Daisy Wick – Bones

DAISY: You know, every time I get stuck on my dissertation, I think to myself, “WWBD.”
BRENNAN: I have no idea what that means.
DAISY:“What Would Brennan Do?” I mean, it really should be “WWDBD”- “What Would Dr. Brennan Do?” but that seems unnecessarily formal since I’m only thinking it silently.

Rachel Berry – Glee

“You might laugh because every time I sign my name I put a gold star after it, but it’s a metaphor, and metaphors are important. My gold stars a metaphor for me being a star.”

Meredith Grey – Grey’s Anatomy

“Okay, here it is, your choice… it’s simple, her or me, and I’m sure she is really great. But Derek, I love you, in a really, really big ‘pretend to like your taste in music, let you eat the last piece of cheesecake, hold a radio over my head outside your window’, unfortunate way that makes me hate you, love you. So pick me, choose me, love me.”

Priya Koothrapali – Big Bang Theory

It’s probably sad that I just couldn’t find a good quote from Priya. The character was carried by all the rest repeatedly. Thankfully she’s gone now.

Zoey – HIMYM

Another one I just couldn’t find anything good from. But honestly who would want to be in a relationship that you can’t agree on ANYTHING, especially the big stuff.

Tara Thornton – True Blood

“Know what you sound like? One of those country songs about dumb bitches that let their men beat on them and cheat on them, all in the name of true love.” I actually really liked Tara in season one, would have counted her in among my faves, but along came Maryann & Eggs and things went downhill from there. Sad.

Napoleon Dynamite – Napoleon Dynamite

Deb What are you drawing?
Napoleon Dynamite A liger.
Deb What’s a liger?
Napoleon Dynamite It’s pretty much my favorite animal. It’s like a lion and a tiger mixed… bred for its skills in magic.

Lila – Dexter

“Oh, pardon my tits.”

Well if they weren’t always hanging out we wouldn’t have to Lila, lol.

Liz Parker – Roswell

“Have you ever had a moment when you’re with the one person in the world you want to be with and the wind is blowing through your hair and the song that just describes your entire soul happens to come on, and then the person that you want to be with happens to love the same song and suddenly you realize you’re listening to it together? And that no matter how crazy your life has gotten there’s this one moment… this perfect moment… where you could just say that no matter what happens, nothing can take this moment away from me… And then, something does.” <Gag>

Marissa Cooper – The O.C.

“Standing my ground is not really my strong suit.”

Ruby Rhod – The Fifth Element

“Quiver, ladies, quiver”


David – Shaun of the Dead

David: Basically, I’d say your nine lives are up, Shaun
Shaun: Get fucked, four eyes! Why don’t you go out with her if you love her so much?
David: What do you mean by that?
[storms off]
David: Well, I don’t know what he meant by that.
[uncomfortable silence]

Druscilla – Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Drusilla: Ooh. I’m ringing. – Do you hear it? I’m ringing – all – over!
[Darla grabs the phone from Drusilla’s cleavage]
Drusilla: Oh, yeah. I forgot about that.

Theon Greyjoy – Game of Thrones

Couldn’t help but giggle at this.

“I am no man’s daughter. If you mislike my garb, I will change it.

Cassie Blake – The Secret Circle

“It’s like I’m living in a Harry Potter movie.”

A- Pretty Little Liars

How can a faceless person (team) be so annoying….. Because they are so faceless. Whoever A is they keep screwing around A-nonomously & it’s annoying.

Jenny Schector – The L-Word

“I’m sitting in the chair, writhing in agony. A demon, a minor demon, is pinning me there, fucking with my head. ‘Abraxas’, he says, ‘I’m Abraxas, the demon of lies and deceit’. ” <Writing. Always so dramatic & seriously just so fucked up!!

Catherine Martin – Silence of the Lambs

Maybe I’m just being cruel here, but stand up bitch and fight back. Scream, scream scream and wait for rescue I guess. Maybe steal a dog but then not plan for royally pissing off the freak that just kidnapped you.

Fran – The Nanny

Honestly I don’t remember much about this show except her strange nanny outfits & that damn voice. Screechy annoying voice, blech.

Michael Scott – The Office

I actually can’t stand this show, the strange camera set-up (which has also deterred me from Modern Family which I enjoyed otherwise). But how on Earth does this man get to be a manager, wtf!

“When I said that I was king of forwards, you’ve got to understand that I don’t come up with this stuff. I just forward it along. You wouldn’t arrest a guy who was just passing drugs from one guy to another.”

There are various reason why a character can be annoying as all hell & I know there are so many more out there. It’s nothing against the actors/actresses, although there are certainly some of those as well which you can’t stand in anything they play. For me those are Will Ferrell, Michael Cera & Steve Carrell, just not my cup of tea.
I haven’t been including a blast from the past lately so I’m going back in time to bring you…….
The Freaking California Raisins
It was mentioned on something Eric & I were watching the other day and I remember having little plastic figurines that I just loved to chew on for some reason.

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Books & Movies


Just read an EW.com article about movies you should just read the book for because the movie did it no justice at all. Interesting concept & I agreed with them one some of them, others I couldn’t form an opinion because I had never seen them. I decided to make my own list but then changed my mind & decided to make a list of movies that deserve a movie portrayal and not a half assed one. You can check out EW’s list HERE.

In no particular order,

The Blue Nowhere

This book is so terrifying, in the way that it portrays just how cunning and awful people can be when you have this kind of understanding of the techno world. Done properly, it could be an amazing movie to behold. I picture Clive Owen as Frank Bishop & someone Ethan Hawke(ish) as Wyatt Gillette in my head.


Just read that Warner Brothers is planning on adapting this into a movie. I hope it works out, though in all honesty I think it would be better suited towards a television series. It is a MASSIVE book with so much information, kinda a la George Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series. It concerns a large group of people that find themselves in another land inside computers, virtual reality at it’s best (or worst actually at times), the types of people are completely different so I don’t even want to get started on that… But they have to work together to stop a group of old farts who want to stay alive forever. I am doing it no justice, so  HERE is a link to the synopsis. I hope it’s adaptation will not get mangled in translation. I couldn’t even begin to try casting for this, I think a lot of unknowns would be best in all honesty but casting Xabbu would be insanely difficult. I look forward to seeing what WB will make of it.

Thirteen Reasons Why

There are already talks of adapting this with Selena Gomez as the main character. I wasn`t sure about that choice then & I`m still not sure now, but she has some sort of passion for this story so why not give her a chance I guess. This new generation doesn`t seem to read like those before it so I think that acting this out is needed. It`s a story that needs to be told. People should realize that your every action (or non-action) makes a difference and it is up to us to decide which differences to make in this world. The term Bully is overused these days, and I don`t say that to mean that it`s not as wrong as it should be. But it is not seen in the context that it should be seen. Bullying has so many more forms it can take in our current society that some people don`t realize that they are taking part in it or that that the internet is not as faceless as it seems. And then others sit back and do nothing, which is just as bad. Celebrities can make all the “It gets better” videos they want, what victim really thinks that those people know anything about what they are going through at that moment. So make the movie & SHOW these people that their actions count and maybe some of us will make the choice to make them count for the right reasons instead of the wrong.

Wit’ch Fire

With all the supernatural things out there these days I am amazed that this hasn’t been done. It has elves, goblins, shapeshifters & so many more, Oh yeah I’m pretty sure there’s a witch in there somewhere too ;-p. Elena is the witch and she is just a young girl trying to deal with these newly discovered powers after her parents have been slaughtered and her brother taken. She is on her own but quickly finds help and the story unfolds naturally. Clemens is a genius! It is a coming of age story, sort of, with a number of characters that are endearing and heartbreaking at the same time. It also is a long saga that could probably do with a tv series portrayal but I highly doubt that.

On the Jellicoe Road

I couldn’t devour this book fast enough. It has a relationship dynamic unlike anything I have ever read before. People you are supposed to despise and you just can’t, a history to uncover and understand & tragedy that can’t be quite let go. I would love to see if the relationships could transfer through to the big screen and it’s one of those young adult angsty things that catch on like wildfire. I need to see Jonah Griggs brought to life!

The Glass Castle

Hope, that is what this book represents. That no matter how bad things seem there is a way out if you choose to find it. Heartbreaking & uplifting at the same time, sometimes even on the same page I think it could transfer well to the screen. The public loves a dark story & you slap a based on true events sticker on it & poof…. you’ve got it made. Reading the book, it’s a bit choppy (Being a memoir and all) putting it together on film would make it seem less so I think.


I read this book LONG before I probably should have. It’s sexy, gritty and the ultimate revenge story. Rachel sets Danny up for a huge fall after  he ruined her life years ago. She is forced to become a prostitute for him and when she becomes pregnant (by Danny) he forces her into an abortion and then onto the streets. From rags to riches, homely to beauty and pitiful to powerful. We have the power to change ourselves no matter what anyone tells us. That’s what this story is about, never back down. We need more movies like this. Putting it out there in the world that we don’t have to be someone’s bitch, we can be ourselves and rule at it.

The Beach House

Another revenge story but on the legal level. Imagine holding your brother’s killers captive while you give them your own trial on camera and broadcast it to the city. I love the books that Patterson writes with Peter De Jonge, they turn out so well. Most of this takes place in a beach house so it could be pretty cheap to make so long as you don’t go all out on superstar actors. I think this should be made, but don’t ruin it like you did with Along Came a Spider please.

Before I Fall

Another one that needs to be told for today’s youth. We really do have the power to change things with our actions, even when you have not been the best person the whole of your life. Regard your actions as if someone’s life depends upon it.

World of Warcraft Lore

The fantasy genre is not just for dorks anymore. Hell, dorks aren’t just for dorks anymore (Big Bang anyone??) Yes I play the game, but the books that people out there have written about the lore are pretty good too. Seeing it played out would be pretty awesome, but live action not animation. We get enough of the animation in game and the potential to make a truly amazing live action fantasy movie is ripe for the taking. So go on, dooooo it! You know you wanna!!

Dark Tower Series

So I’ve never actually read this, it’s coming from Eric’s mouth and this is what he says…

It an amazing fantasy book that while you are reading it you can’t help but want to see it done well on film. It’s been thought of before, been put on the back burner for multiple projects but a tv series would be best because of all the content. Casting would be best with unknowns, easier not to typecast with unknowns.

Books that deserve better movies than they got

Great Gatsby

Maybe this new version will be better but I highly doubt it. The story is well written and the movie was blah. Mia Farrow, not your best performance. The whole point of the story is lost in the movie. It’s about living and obtaining that American Dream, the wealth & recognition. Daisy comes off as a big whiny brat not the desired object of Gatsy’s heart.

Percy Jackson

 I can’t even begin to tell you the mistakes they made with this!! Grover is NOT cool, he’s a nerdy goat boy. Annabelle is blond, hello that’s a discriminating feature of Athena’s children, don’t change it. And they got rid of the big bad guy, how do you do that!!


I loved the books, yes I really did. But the movies are terrible. I even liked Bella in the book, even though she really is so annoying I still loved the relationship between her and Edward. But the movie, yuck even though they seem to get better as they continue, though I haven’t bothered to watch part one of Breaking Dawn yet.

Running Man

Arnold Schwartzenegger?!? Really. If anything could be on a please remake this 80’s movie list, this should be there!! What were they thinking. Massacred.

Da Vinci Code & Angels and Demons

First mistake was casting Tom Hanks as Langdon, not that I don’t love Hanks but he is not Robert Langdon at all. Aurey Tatou wasn’t too bad of a choice in all honesty. But the film did not transfer over well. Not sure what exactly the main problem is but it didn’t come out well at all & Angels and Demons, whew what a stink.

Great Movie & Great Book

Harry Potters & Shawshank Redemption

Yes there were some parts left out that were hard to swallow sometimes, but overall they are really well done. If you haven’t bothered reading the books I suggest you do because you are missing some really great writing. Rowling is great at what she does and you can tell through her writing that she is completely invested in her characters.

They turned a short story into a phenomenal movie with two actors that possess an awesome dynamic. That’s good writing, and plus they managed to stay true to the short story. Can’t beat it as a prison movie in my opinion.

There are others few and far in between that somehow made the movie even better than the book. A Walk to Remember & Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist for example. The writing was dry and boring in each, and Norah was so damn unlikeable in the book I wonder how it got cleared for a movie to begin with.



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Happy Holidays All

How better to celebrate the love of family and friends than by kicking their asses at some board games. Unfortunately our futuristic technologies have left us with little ways to cheat and fib our way to the top of the board game mountain. Most classics have been adapted to computer games these days or computerized at smaller levels within the board game itself, and if I’m being honest they just aren’t as fun as they used to be that way. So here is my list of top ten board games, Eric also made one awhile back and you can view his list Right Here. Enjoy

10. Trouble

I played this as a pretty young kid and then again while Kassi was a pretty young kid. There’s nothing to it but some luck really, but fun to play every once in awhile just the same.

9. Survivor

We found this at a garage sale a couple years back and it’s incredibly fun to play, unfortunately you can’t really play it often because you will soon remember all the answers to the trivia questions. We played it at Eric’s mom’s house at holidays as well as Cranium family edition.

8. The Game of Life

I still enjoy this game now, and I always go to college at the beginning. One time I had so many kids that I needed a second vehicle just to cart them all around time, lol.

7. Operation

When I first got this game I probably annoyed the shit out of my mom with it’s insanely loud buzzing  when you hit the sides. Guess I learned quite quickly I wasn’t cut out to be a surgeon after all, of course then I found out that blood makes me weak in the knees and pale in the face, so it REALLY wasn’t my destiny after all. Regardless I still enjoyed this game & would actually like to play it again sometime.

6. BattleShip

To anyone that played this with me and lost, I cheated and if you played with me and won well you must have been cheating too, lol. Not as bad as Barney and Robin from HIMYM, I never did stack my ships on top of each other. But I have put them diagonally and moved them if you hit them. I haven’t tried the new electronic version, but I have played online and I’m not quite as good when I can’t cheat, lol.

5. Boggle

I absolutely love this game, but rarely actually get a chance to play because like I hate playing Monopoly with Eric (because he takes it too seriously), he hates playing Boggle with me because he always loses. I might however try to get him to play this Christmas with me, maybe if I promise I’ll watch a Christmas movie with him ;-P

4. Trivial Pursuit

We don’t own any of these except Pop Culture ones, but enjoy playing almost all of them. I don’t like playing the Disney one though because I always get my ass handed to me. My two worst subjects would have to be sports (because I don’t know anyone’s names) & music (Again because I don’t know any names, I like whatever I like, That’s it that’s all). We used to play these quite often. but haven’t in awhile so maybe I’ll use this to bargain a couple rounds of Boggle, hehe.

3. Clue

Another one that has been re-invented to be more appealing to the technologically savvy younger generation. I don’t even know if I’d know how to play it anymore, but it was a lot of fun when I was younger. I always wanted to be Ms.Scarlet with the revolver. Did I cheat at this one too? Of course, anytime I had a chance to peek at the envelope I did, lol.

2. Cranium

There really aren’t many of the Cranium games that I do not enjoy, we bought a card like one that sucks and I didn’t enjoy the pop 5 one that much either. But regular Cranium is a ton of fun, especially when you’ve got larger groups. Word to the wise, grab extra play-doh theirs goes hard pretty quickly.

1.5 Scrabble

I used to be really good at this game, then something happened and I’m not so good anymore 😦 Eric beats me because I leave the good squares open, what’s up with that. Don’t get me wrong, my words are usually better, but he plays in the better spots because I sacrifice my words for the sake of the board. I’m such a Scrabble martyr, ahaha.

1. Scattegories

We play this pretty often now, though we never get through the whole 16 lists. We just made two lists of our own this week, and I think we should make a couple more. It’s nice to get away from things that you start knowing after awhile. We don’t play weird letters usually unless we want a real challenge, which is rare, lol

Some honourable mentions have to go out to:


When Leah and I were younger we played this for hours. We took out all the bad Chance cards and eliminated the tax squares, played hotels without buying houses first, bought property on the first round and played hotels when we didn’t own the whole set. We were the worst Monopoly players on the face of the Earth.


Any board game that came with a creepy videotape was alright with me. I managed to get a copy of this about 12-14 years ago (Holy Crap, I am OLD!) from a friend and played it with Kass (who was pretty young at the time) and it scared the crap out of her & I felt a little bit bad, but probably not bad enough to not laugh. Sorry sis!


5 WORDS >>>>>Play this while you’re drinking!!


Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season no matter what you celebrate, or even if you don’t maybe you’ll have some free time anyway. Either way, Happy Holidays to all!!



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Another collaboration with Eric (Guess who’s idea this one was, lol). We each have 25 because I simply couldn’t cut my list down, and just kept thinking of more instead of less. Once I reached 25 that was it though, no more. They are in no particular order and are listed by their show character, not necessarily their actual names.

Here is Eric’s list, check it out….After you’ve checked mine out, lol

Zack Morris – Saved By The Bell

 One of my childhood crushes. *Time out* *Time In*

Weevil – Veronica Mars

And Weevil on a motorcycle, yum yum even better!

Tory Belleci – MythBusters

Tory cracks me up, and he’s willing to do just about anything. Can’t go wrong there.

Spike & Angel – Buffy The Vampire Slayer

I’m actually fairly new to this show, tried it before left it then started trying it again with Netflix. But these two guys make Buffy’s whining easier to sit through.

Scott Wilson & Justin Lukach – Departures

Another new show. Justin is HILARIOUS! Scott is so down to Earth and sensitive. I love the two of them traveling together, and pushing each other to do different things.

Sawyer – Lost

Ah Sawyer!! King of nicknames, and King of my Lost heart!

Jack – Revenge

He’s just so darn sweet, you can’t help but love him. But then he gets behind the wheel of his boat and I’m just lost.

Pacey Witter – Dawson’s Creek

Pacey was not only my favourite character of the series, but in my eyes he could do no wrong, even when he was doing the teacher.

Khal Drogo – Game of Thrones

Jon SNow – Game of Thrones

My GoT boys. Drogo is so damn sexy that it makes me want to watch Conan just to see Jason Momoa barely clad again. And Jon Snow is such an endearing character he makes my heart melt, plus those ringlets aren’t bad wither ;-P

Kappy – Greek

The sensitive party boy, somehow able to make ugly hockey hair look good.

King Henry – The Tudors

A far cry from the portraits of actual King Henry the Eighth. I’d risk beheading for those ice blues and pouty lips.

Nathan Scott – One Tree Hill

From asshole to sweetheart to lost to superstar and so on and so forth. Whatever his ‘tude is, he’s still a great husband and father and I just love him to pieces.

Gordon Ransay – Hell’s Kitchen & Kitchen Nightmares

Yes, he’s a huge asshole, but he’s damn sexy while being one.

Eric Northman & Godric – True Blood

Eric is always smoldering no matter how much of a jerk he’s being, and there’s something about Godric’s manner and then his tattoos that get me going.

Dexter Morgan – Dexter

Dark passenger and all.

Coop – Nurse Jackie

Coop is so flippin’ funny, stupid as hell but lovable all the same. I even think Jackie’s starting to come around to him, just a smidgen.

Caleb – Pretty Little Liars

This is definitely more of a , darn if I was a little younger I’d be all for him. He’s a sweetheart with an edge, which seems to be a theme here, lol

Michael – Roswell

Broody Michael with his smoochable lips!!

Agent Seeley Booth – Bones

Agent Booth can arrest me any day!!

The Big Bang Boys – The Big Bang Theory

I couldn’t decide on just one of them. Leonard is short but sweet and pretty good looking for always wearing hoodie, Howard cracks me up and I love a man that can make me laugh, Raj is too adorable for words which would be just fine since I’m a woman and he wouldn’t talk to me anyway, lol. And Sheldon is just plain Sheldon, can’t help but love him especially that itty bitty laugh he does.


Anderson Cooper – CNN & Anderson & Anderson 360

No matter how boring the subject he may be discussing, he makes it look good while he does it.

Amar – Little Mosque on the Prairie

Former lawyer, madly in love with a woman and a great friend and imam.

Cesar Milan – The Dog Whisperer

I might not agree with all of his advice, but he is a dog lover and so patient with the people he tries to teach. And I love listening to him talk in Spanish!

Bart SImpson – The Simpsons

As a child I had such a mad crush on Bart. Carefree (duh, he’s a kid) and a rule breaker, that’s my kind of cartoon boyfriend, lol

Greg – CSI

He cracks me up, and his wacky hair and smarts work for me!

So it seems as though a theme is present. I like humour, bad assness & crazy hair it seems. Well Eric has 2/3 so maybe there’s something there after all. J/K husband I love ya!!

You can check out his tv crushes Here

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The worst candy out there.

So my husband has a thing with another woman.





That thing is making top ten blog postings with my bestie Amy. I decided that if he does this with her he could very well do one with me, so we collaborated on our top ten worst ever candies we’ve ever tasted. They do not match because our tastes are very different but you’ll get the gist, I’m sure.

Click HERE to view his disgusting list 😛

10. Reese Peanut Butter Cups

Yes, I realize many of you are scratching your heads at this. But I do no like my peanut butter and chocolate touching each other, with the exception of Wonderbar. The peanut butter that they use for Reese’s is so sickeningly sweet and icky, and the chocolate is sub-par. Don’t get me wrong, I would eat them if I was starving or desperately craving a sugar fix but only in desperation.

9. White Chocolate

Not a fan of any white chocolate with the exception of Hershey’s Cookies and Cream bar sparingly. A whole bar is beyond sickening, but a little here and there is alright. Maybe it’s because it’s not even real chocolate, and so milky. Blech!!

8. Marshmallow Bananas

This actually becomes anything that tastes like fake-ass bananas. But these things not only taste like fake-ass bananas they feel like Styrofoam in your mouth and it is not good to have Styrofoam stuck in your teeth that tastes like this shit. I have to also include Runts bananas in this category, I actually like Runts candies except the bananas. I couldn’t believe when they came out with only bananas and people went crazy for them, what is wrong with this world?

7. Maynard’s Sour Chillers

Mint in my gum is a no-no, unless it’s mints. SO you may be wondering why I loved Sprite Ice but mint in my candy is a no-go. What can I say I’m a bit weird and neurotic about strange things. Can’t help it, I’m just a freak

6. Turkish Delight

Now I wanted to try this for the longest time. I first heard about it in C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe and that made me desperately want to try it, but could never find it around at that time. Then I discovered Big Turk by Nestle, and I really like that, but a couple years ago I found some real Turkish Delight at Halifax’s Freak Lunchbox and got really excited….. until I put it in my mouth. It made me think of chewing a gummy flower bouquet, disgusting!!

5. Thrills Gum & Skittles Fizzles

Yes, it truly does taste like soap. I included the new(er) Skittles Fizzles because that’s what I think they taste like as well. The premise of the Skittles sounds awesome, fizzy candy on the outside of your candy instead of sucking a hard candy to get to it, unfortunately it just doesn’t work, well for me anyway.’

4. Good & Plenty

This is actually all black licorice and anything that tastes like black licorice but I chose Good and Plenty as my main one because I unknowingly threw a bunch in my mouth one Halloween many, many years ago. How cruel to hand this shit out to kids at Halloween, the way some kids felt about raisins as a treat, well that’s how I felt about Good and Plenty. BTW, I love raisins, lol

3. Candy Corn

Another Halloween fave of many that I just simply can’t stomach. It was also a book that made me want to try this as well. The Candy Corn Contest by Patricia Reilly Giff, I loved her books as a child and this one in particular made me want to try candy corn. Well I did, I got grossed out, I never went back, lol

2. Wax Bottle Juice Thingies

I thought I remembered loving these things as a kid but when I fairly recently found them and tried them again I have a very tough time believing I used to love them, but then again kids like weird things and I was always really weird, lol. I did chew on the wax after for so long. Now that I’m thinking about it I believe Mrs.Cooling’s 3rd grade class used to get these things as Bingo prizees, lol.

1. Bertie Bott’s (Jelly Belly) Disgusting Flavour Beans

I actually don’t mind the grass one if I’m being totally honest here, and I did not taste the vomit one and would not attempt it knowingly. I would then be forced to puke I am sure, but I did try the pepper, ear wax, dirt, and some of the other ones. They were not pleasant to say the least, which is why they rank Number one on my list but the others are not really in any particular order.

So that’s my list, don’t forget to check out Eric’s list from the link above. (Yes I am too lazy to go link it again, sorry). Hope you’ve enjoyed it and check out the poll below and vote for your disagreements. I expect quite a few for reese PB Cups, lol

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While I squished up a piece of deep and delicious cake today (because that’s how I like to eat it, lol) I started thinking about how things were so much easier as a kid. Now I know I’ve already done a top tens like this, but I do believe that I said there were of course more and I would return to it another day. Well another day has officially arrived and I am going to remember 10 more of my past faves from childhood(ish). So a bit of change, this is going to be my top tens drinks from the past, which works out because I’ll be able to live in the past some more later on when I continue this topic, lol.

10. Clearly Canadian Sparkling Drinks

On my many trips to my friend Leah’s place, I often stopped at Forwell’s convenience while on my way. When I wasn’t buying mixed candy I was probably buying these drinks, I loved the glass bottles probably more than the actual flavour in all honesty plus the metal caps and folding down every single little tab on it after cracking it, but they had quite a few flavours to choose from. I can’t really tell you what my fave was anymore except that it was probably a berry something or other. Then they went and changed the bottles, and they didn’t taste the same anymore or at least my brain said it didn’t.

9. Orbitz Drinks

I was debating on including this with the above since they come from the same company, except I enjoyed them at a different time period than the CC drinks. These had these nasty little balls of stuff floating in them, but they were so damn neat looking that how could you not like them. If you didn’t try to savour the little balls of stuff you were probably okay, but if they actually got stuck in your mouth and you bit down into them they were pretty slimy like phlegm (ick). But yet I still bought them, and I still drank them, and if they ever came back I’d probably buy them again, lol. Apparently they are quite the novelty affair these days, likely for their lava lamp likeness.

8. Snapple Elements

When these out I was working fro Little Short Stop and we received a shit ton of these bloody things, I was not impressed but then I tasted them, actually I tasted the Fire one and I LOVED it, Fire and Rain Yummy! I wasn’t crazy about the Earth one since I don’t like much of grape flavoured crap, and I personally found the Sun one to taste like Sunny D which I loathe but the other two were great. Then they started coming out with some other kinds but the originals were the best of the bunch in my opinion.

7. Snapple Super Sour Lemonade

This was ridiculously hard to find, and even harder for me to find a picture to post of it, which ultimately I couldn’t find and had to settle for regular lemonade pic., but I digress. I loved sour stuff, always have loved sour stuff. I am the girl who will sit and eat lemons and I love grapefruit so of course I decided to try this out when I first saw it. It made my mouth water, it was as promised super sour and super awesome, unfortunately also super rare. There isn’t anything out there that is truly sour anymore, sigh maybe I’ll make my own lemonade one day when I’m feeling extra bored.

6. Vanilla Coke & Sprite Ice

I may have been 1 of ten people in the world that actually liked Sprite Ice, I’ve heard people describe it as tasting like chewing gum and Sprite, Eric just recalled it as tasting like mouthwash which I think is a little extreme honey!! Nevertheless I loved it and was sad to see it leave the shelves. I also really liked Vanilla Coke, I actually think this may be still available in some other countries but I could be wrong, I know that Cherry Coke is still available in Britain, and our store that import from Britain can bring it in, but so far I have not seen it here in awhile. I actually believe that they brought these two out together (well Vanilla Coke as a relaunch from earlier failed years), but I’ve always been a Coke girl not Pepsi so I of course gave it a try when I saw it. I was not expecting to love it so much, and then they took it away. Evil bastards, I like it, have it for awhile then they take it back, the nerve!! Here’s hoping that they try again maybe with one of them, so long as they stay away from trying to bring back Pepsi Blue, lol

5. 7/11 Slurpees

Yes I do know that these are still available these days, but 1.) I no longer live anywhere near a 7/11 & 2.) I just don’t care too much for slushies at all anymore. So anyway, again since Leah lived right by the 7/11 that is often where I stopped as well, of course when we got a little older we began putting liquor into the slurpees, but that’s beside the point. I always enjoyed the Coke one even though it was always flat tasting. I also loved the Slurpee spoon straw, not entirely sure why since it’s not like I sat there picking up tiny spoonfuls of Slurpee, lol but that spoon was always special. When I got a little older I found the Slurpees for adults, you know the ones that look (only look though) all healthy or are coffee flavoured just not as exciting as the multi-coloured bold ones, so I usually stuck to that and loved seeing the weird new things come out with it.

4. Root Beer Floats

Eating at A&W as a child I always ordered a root beer float, and for anyone that has only had the modern day root beer floats, you are sorely mistaken if you think that piece of garbage is a true root beer float. Root beer floats should come in a big mug, with a big straw and a scoop of real vanilla ice cream, not a little pod of weird ice cream like stuff. I don’t really know what that garbage they try to pass off as ice cream actually is, but I’d stay far far away from it, lol it’s scary. Every once in a while I’ll make these at home, sometimes as just an ice cream float not necessarily root beer, but there will always be a soft spot for an old fashioned root beer float in my sugar filled heart.

3. Yop

My mom used to buy these for our train trips home, always. They also still have them now and I buy them occasionally but they never have that same feel to them. They also don’t seem to be as thick as they once were, but that could just be me. Every time I see these I will always think of long train rides coming from or going toward home and family.


2. Dad’s Root Beer

When I was in grade 8 I was in a drama club called Konfusion, and we met at the Kitchener library to practice in their auditorium because it was free. Outside of the auditorium there was a small cafe, and they sold these and the cream soda one as well, but at each of the tables there was the standard sugar containers which included the best raw sugar I to this day have ever tasted, well being kids we used to add this sugar to the root beer which made it foam up really quickly and then we had to gulp down the bubbles quickly and then burp out all that gas, lol. I still feel bad for the cafe workers to this day, and am seriously surprised they never asked us to wait elsewhere until our turn to take the aud, lol. They certainly had more patience than I could ever muster.


1. Dave’s Island Stinger

From my more recent past. Only available in Ontario I believe was a brand of beer called Dave’s, brewed by Molson Breweries. I’ve never been much of a beer girl but this particular one was bought by a friend of mine Jen, and she joined me after a major break up toting this Island Stinger beer. It was fruity but still beery, but oh so delish. It is no longer available unfortunately no one else seemed to enjoy these quite as much as I did, but that night in particular we did enjoy them, and I forgot my sadness for awhile thanks to Dave & Jen, lol. This was another one I absolutely could not find a picture of, but I found one by the same company called Mexi something Stinger

Is there anything that you enjoyed, still enjoy or would like to bring back if you could that was on this list?

How about any that you hated and are glad or would be glad if they got rid of it forever?


I quite like these top ten categories, and they take my brain off other things so stay tuned for some more coming your way. Eric and I are doing one together about the top ten worst candy we’ve ever had, I figured since he does combinations with Amy, it’s only fair he does one with his wife, lol. I also have another one planned for my top ten favourite alcoholic drinks, as well as another top ten of my childhood favourite things to complete that topic since this was originally supposed to be that but I got started on drinks and just couldn’t stop 😀

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