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My Top Ten Restaurants

Having just come back from a ‘vacation’ I was reminiscing about previous vacations. One of my favourite things about being on vacation is eating out at restaurants, which of course being as I went home for a specific event I didn’t really get a chance to do. We of course did eat at Pizza Delight, lol, but that is most certainly not on my list of top tens. It doesn’t have to be fancy for me to love it, just tasty and I’ve been to my fair share of tasty restaurants so I’ll recount what I can recall as my ten faves along with  my favourite dish. I had a tough time finding pics of the yumtastic food so I’ll need to start taking pics of my food when I order it,lol

10. Tien Hoa Restaurant – Waterloo, Ontario

This place is no longer open, but was always a go to place for good Chinese buffet. Say what you will about Chinese Food, it is one of my favourite things to eat, MSG and all. I always loved the egg rolls from here, and the chow mein. Plus you can never go wrong with that many choices of dessert, which as a sugar glutton I thoroughly enjoyed mixing that scrumptious chocolate cake with chocolate ice cream. As an even bigger plus, they almost always had shrimp, lunch or supper, Mmmmmm!!! I knew that if I wanted a dining partner I could always call Billy up & we’d have at ‘er like we hadn’t eaten in days.

9. Moose Winooski’s – Kitchener, Ontario

It really wasn’t about the food whenever we came here. We came for the trivia & to hang out. But when it came to the nachos, with the exception of homemade these were probably the best I had ever had out. Tacky as it may be I loved eating peanuts and then throwing the shells on the floor, lol. Someone else can clean that up.

8. The Keg

I was never a big meat eater so this was mainly a special treat for Eric, plus we had received some gift certificates for winning something where I worked, although the steak was excellent I still gave over half of mine to Eric. The service was impeccable, attentive and friendly our waiter got a pretty darn good tip from us. I ordered the Mushrooms Neptune as an appetizer, and OH MY GOD!! I literally wanted to lick the dish they came in, they’re described as “wine simmered mushroom caps with crab and cream cheese” but really that should say ” Heaven on a plate”. If you like mushrooms, hell even if you don’t I suggest trying this dish, it was super great!!

7. Your Father’s Moustache – Halifax, Nova scotia

The best damn burger going!! I got a Swiss Mushroom Burger & it must have been the size of my head & deeeeeeeelicious! If I recall the fries were good too, but when you’re eating that burger nothing else really matters. The downfall to this restaurant is the massive amount of stairs to get up there & it’s super narrow, made me a bit nervous but so worth it.

6. McGinnis Landing – Moncton, New Brunswick

We had breakfast delivered to the room while we stayed at the Ramada for my birthday weekend, and it was really good. But one night we decided to have supper there as well and I got the Two Layer Crunchy Thai Stirfry, most likely with shrimp added.  Not overly spicy but a nice zing to it. Veggies weren’t overcooked as I find is often the case when I order stirfry in a restaurant so I seldom do, I am glad I took the chance on this one. Thai sauce was really good, if it’s bottled I wonder if I can buy some actually. Something to look into.


5. Cheelin Restaurant – Halifax, Nova Scotia

Home of the best wonton soup ever! For someone like me who likes it but spends forever eating it because I take each wonton out and remove the meat from it then pick out the bits of meat that may be floating in the broth (or not). Cheelin’s is chock full of other things to appease me as well, the downfall…..no poofies (those cracker things) to soak in the broth but the soup itself more than makes up for it. The spring rolls are pretty damn good too, and if I’m not mistaken their regular eggrolls are all meat for those that enjoy that.


Reg. wonton soup vs. one like Cheelin’s

















4. The Battered Fish Company (Formerly Captain’s Catch) – Halifax, Nova Scotia

This is simply a kiosk on the waterfront that specializes in frying things until they taste amazing. The seafood is super fresh, and the fries are shoe string ones with the skins still on. The best part is that it’s affordable as well as delicious, and Beaver Bites is located right beside it. One of my fave parts about visiting the waterfront. Eric and I tried the Thai Coconut Shrimp the last time we went and that was really good but I think my all time favourite would have to be the fried clams. Full clams golden fried and then melt in your mouth. The only one better was the one at the tiny canteen in Maisonette which were huge and just dug up that day, really you can’t go wrong there.









3. Smitty’s – Halifax, Nova Scotia

Now I’ve never eaten at an Ihop though it certainly is on the list, but the (dessert) pancakes I love at Smitty’s are amazing! Whipped cream and triple berry sauce over 3 pancakes, well as good as it is I still can’t finish the whole thing. Potato pancakes are also amazing, served with sour cream they have a yummy crispy outside and moist on the inside, my only regret is that I was not even actually hungry when I ordered these. There are a couple of these around Hali but the one in Bedford has been changed to a Sunnyside’s Too and though the menu is eerily similar, it simply is not the same. Visit Smitty’s you won’t regret it.











2. McKelvie’s – Halifax, Nova Scotia

Since this is on the pricey side we only visited it once while we were on our honeymoon, I keep telling myself to go back and buy the bread mix because the bread they serve with their meals, well before, is so absolutely wonderful I probably could have just eaten that for dinner. I didn’t though I ordered ” Slow Poached Atlantic Salmon fresh fillet with dill-caper beurre blanc, whipped garlic potatoes, and fresh seasonal vegetables” No regrets, it was so flippin’ good and the garlic potatoes were so yummy for something so simple.

1. Hamachi House – Halifax, Nova Scotia

Teppenyaki dining is so awesome, here you get to watch your food getting prepared for you but they also put on a pretty damn good show. I can’t go into different dishes because both times we went I ordered the shrimp, but I did have a taste of Eric’s salmon dish the other night and it was cooked perfectly. Eric ordered a California Roll as well and it was pretty darn good too, and very pretty on the plate. I ordered some grilled asparagus extra and oh my god, I will  never boil asparagus again. It was so yum it’s ridiculous. Since this is a restaurant that generally costs between $80-$100 for two of us it’s not exactly something we can have often but we had it on our vacation here (or our honeymoon, can’t remember) and just this past week with my aunt & Jerry. If money was no object we would certainly eat here much more often.

Honourable mentions:

The Still – Kitchener, Ontario

Leah & I used to visit here semi-frequently and my all time favourite dish is the Rosmary Portabello Chicken. They also left the skins on their mashed potatoes which is just perfect to me. I’m pretty sure we also had our fair share of drinks here as well, lol

Bubba Rays – Halifax, Nova Scotia

A sports bar with a really great selection of wing sauces. The wing itself is also nothing to complain about, good size cooked well and well mixed with the sauce.

Jerry’s Pizza (Closed) – Campbellton, New Brunswick

I am a huge fan of thick crust pizza, and you can’t get much thicker than Jerry’s pizza, in some places it must have been an inch thick, MMMMMM. I’m also incredibly picky about my pizza sauce, not sweet must be tangy. This is why I have such a tough time finding pizza I actually like in Halifax their sauces are terrible. Thank goodness for a Dominoes finally opening up in Dartmouth, as long as they don’t change anything I’ll be set.

There was restaurant down the street from where my mom worked that made an amazing angel hair pasta with shrimp, and panzerottis that to this day are the best I’ve ever had. It was so garlicky and delicious, I wish I could remember what it was called now. Also tried a whole pile of new drinks there too one night, Killer Kool-Aid, yummo! McMullen’s, Thanks MOM!!

My mom used to work at a bar called The Silver Spur in Waterloo and they used to make pizza rolls that were so effin good dipped in sour cream so that’s today’s Blast from my Past. They were made in an egg roll wrapper but rolled like a spring roll and there was maybe three pepperoni’s in it, but that really didn’t matter to me. You could dip just about anything in sour cream and I would eat it, lol but these were awesome. I wonder if the new bar in it’s place Chainsaw still makes food that is as good of pub food as The Silver Spur was.



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Winding down the summer

As the (so called) summer winds down & I get excited to go back to school, well now that I know it can be paid for this year I’m excited, I find myself in a style rut. I’m a jeans and a t-shirt kind of girl, sometimes I throw a sweater in there for good measure, but I’m tired of being perpetually teenaged in the fashion sense. I’ve never been very into fashion or what’s in style or season (I wear tank tops in the winter :-S), I wear what I like and what’s comfortable but I would like to have something that is a little more grown up now, after all I am over a quarter of a century in age, hehe. And that’s where I’m stuck, I most certainly don’t have the budget for a spending spree and keep saying I’m going to go check out value village, but here’s the thing the thought of wearing someone else’s clothing (that I don’t know & even some that I do) pretty much creeps me out. I’d love to get a nice durable pair of knee high boots, I saw some people wearing them the past couple years and I like them, but holy crow I DO NOT like the price tag on them, and dropping a hundred bucks on a pair of jeans that fit perfectly is no longer an option (sigh, my 16 year old self didn’t know how good she had it). If I could live everyday in my pj’s (without being tacky) I’d have it made, but alas no such luck. So if anyone has any budget friendly ideas for sprucing up my wardrobe, throw them out there because I for one just don’t have a damn clue.

That aside I really am pretty excited to be getting back to classes, there are of course a few I am so not looking forward to, like Economics but I’ve chosen a different prof. this time so that part should go better. Also not looking forward to 20th century history. I don’t like old things so history has just never held my interest. Eric picked me up some super cheap supplies the other day at WalMart and I loved examining them when I got home, Nerdy yes I know but i just can’t help it.  I also found out that my geography prof. first term is one that I am very interested in working with because the work she does for the Nova Scotian Gambian Society is similar to one of the options I have in the forefront of my interest for when I’ve finished the bachelor’s degree. So I’ll make darn sure she knows my name this year.

On a sad note I just recently came back from a visit home for my aunt’s wedding. It was a joyous occasion but also a sad one because you never get to spend enough time with the people you want to spend time with when you’re home for an event like that. I spent a good portion of the week doing wedding things with my aunt & running around trying to see other people when I wasn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love doing wedding things, but I hate coming into things in the middle that just seem so disorganized (for me) I’m a planning kind of person for that type of thing & (yes I know I’m selfish)  it just didn’t go as I personally would have planned. I’m very controlling so that was pretty difficult for me to keep my temper in check at times not to mention my attitude which still shone through when I had had just about enough. That being said it was a wonderful night & there were many (re: more than expected) guests that came by to show their love. One of my aunt’s oldest friends sang her a beautiful rendition of Truly, Madly Deeply because as children she promised my aunt she would sing at her wedding. And two of his cousins came out in almost full hunting gear to dance with my aunt,lol, & let me be the first to tell you it was nothing short of stifling in there already. My gorgeous nephew didn’t appear to be such a big fan of the band though & that’s when my lovely sister decided to take him home for the night. It was pretty pitiful he just looked so sad, but amazing boy that he is didn’t scream or cry, instead he laid his head on our shoulders and we put our hand over his other ear until we could get him outside and into the car. No sooner than I had him out there, it started to downpour and one of the girls had to hold the bouncy chair over his poor little head. God I love that kid!! Coming home was slightly bittersweet though, I couldn’t wait to get here but I also didn’t want to leave. It amazes me at how anxious I was to get away from there, I truly didn’t realize that I would miss everyone so much. Life would be much easier if we had a vehicle & I contemplate on going back for my beginners and starting over, maybe trying for a car but it’s so much hassle when you have no one around to practice with plus Halifax drivers are insane & some I’m sure got their permits from a Cracker Jack box.

On an update note, I hate these damn pills!! They do not appear to do anything except make me feel like crap. They either suppress my appetite until I’m famished and then if you’re in the way to the food you had better watch out because I WILL barrel through you to get to it. They make me feel nauseous at times, or dizzy & light headed, and to top it all off they haven’t actually done anything that they’re supposed to besides the side effects. I go back to see the doctor on September 26th so we’ll see what she says then. I’m also in need of finding another chiropractor. My headaches have started coming back everyday and I just can’t keep eating that much advil on an everyday basis. Not to even mention the back pain going on. I swear I’ve got to be the healthiest person in the world with this many problems. Every test that is done comes back perfect but yet trust me there is definitely something wrong with me, maybe it’s all in my head and I just need a new brain, lol.

So you know how I always end on a blast from my past, well today I’m going back to medication I had to take as a child. I remember having to take that banana flavoured penicillin for whatever various infection I had at the time. Well you didn’t have to chase me to take that stuff, even though it truly does have a horrible aftertaste it tastes pretty good going down. Kind of like Pepto-Bismol, which I also love until after I’ve swallowed the stuff, lol.

No pics today because quite honestly I’m just too damn lazy to upload any 😛

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