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Don’t go changin’

Yes Facebook changed, roll with it, it’s going to happen again. To the people saying they are leaving for Google+ now that FB has changed again, Really!?! Think that over for a second……….. So you’re going to leave a website that has changed in what’s really a minuscule way to move yourself over to a site that probably less than half your friends are actually using and that & here’s the kicker!!!!! IT’S A TOTALLY DIFFERENT SYSTEM THAT YOU’LL HAVE TO GET USED TO ANYWAY. I am so tired of logging in to FB to see updates about how much they hate the new FB and bring back the old one, yeah because that’s worked every other time you bitched about it. Companies NEED to change, that’s the society we live in, we always want  the next biggest best thing that works faster and harder than it did before that looks better and so on and so forth. If things always stayed the same we would be wearing plaid bell bottoms without cells & computers and have dead goldfish in our platform shoes or better yet we might have to verbally talk to people and forage and hunt for our food (as a necessity). Things worked just fine back that way but we changed, so yes FB worked just fine a couple days ago, but guess what it’ll work just fine once you get used to where things are again.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, I hope everyone has a great day & figures out how to work FB to your advantage again. Now I have studying to do, followed by sleeping which is going to be awesome because I love sleeping 😀


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Feeling crushed already

This was one of the main reasons I deliberated so much on returning to school. I sit here day after day with these young kids that are either utterly stupid or utterly brilliant and I find myself stuck in the middle feeling useless. I’ve decided to come to school earlier in the mornings before I have class in order to study because studying at home, with a snuggly dog, two annoying cats and a husband I honestly just want to spend time with when we actually get to see each other face to face, is pretty worthless. So I’m here boring into my geography and almost 2 hours later I still feel like I know nothing. I wasted too many years of my life ignorant for entirely too many hours a week working at a crap job and I’m starting to feel as though that’s all I can possibly do well with myself. I have got nothing on these kids, they sail through here with good grades and party all weekend long and they’ll be the first to get hired because they have more years of service left in them than I will by the time I get out of here. But as I’m already twenty grand in debt now I’ll fight my way through. Even though each day makes me want to scream & rip my hair out, not to mention that my eyes are constantly welled up, how embarrassing would that be, bawling away in the damn library.

So I try and stay upbeat, especially when I am at home because it’s Eric that suffers. I got so frustrated the other day I completely busted my computer mouse and he stays silent and lets me flip out. So to you, I’m really sorry and know that I sincerely do try hard to be a good wife and friend to you but maybe it’s just not there in my make up. There’s not a lot of incentive to stay upbeat while I’m here at school, I don’t really talk to many people so it’s not noticed, I’m just one in a couple thousand.

To anyone that actually might read this since I’m not posting it to FB, I’m sorry for being depressing and taking my whole 15 minute study break to write this and let go of some of the anger at myself out. But I’m not expecting many to actually see this so I shouldn’t bring many down with me.

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A little bit lost these days

Well classes are back in and due to lack of available options that interested me, I am forced to take an introductory political science class. Now those that know me will know I am not very politically inclined and my knowledge base is limited to huge events and the most general knowledge concerns those large events. So to my dismay I have a prof. that requires much explanation to the significance of various ways that the exertion of power has worked or brought upon the destruction of a power system. I am going to go and see him and discuss my best options for successfully passing his course. Luck be with me however that he is an excellent lecturer, he is funny and interesting in his content, it is a testament to this that I paid attention and enjoyed his lecture of political history, did I know half of what he was talking about, well no but It interested me which is saying something. My anthropology class this term is different to say the least, well different for me anyway. It’s the first class where I actually have to take notes from the lecture, not a ppt or keynote, luck be with me again though the prof. is clear and to the point of what he’s talking about. You certainly will not miss his points, and he also is quite funny which definitely makes the class enjoyable. It is an intro. to sociocultural anthropology which was one of my choices for a required section,and it certainly seemed to be more enjoyable than the simply soc. class I had originally registered for, I didn’t enjoy the prof. for that one in a single class and didn’t want a full year of her. So I switched and I feel it is the better choice for me. Economics just might kill me though, the prof. speaks with a heavy Indian accent that takes me about half the class to get used to each time and he thinks he’s funny but he’s really not, lol. Plus in all honesty economics has never really been on my list of interesting things to pursue but I need to take it plus at least one more so…….. Rock and a hard place.

I’ve also gotten quite lucky in textbook choices, unfortunately not in the budget category, actually that’s not really true. I had two expensive ones, a mid price & the others aren’t truly textbooks at all so they’re not too badly priced at all, and I was able to get some used copies which was even cheaper but one has so much highlighting I wonder if that person simply memorized everything. Highlighting really irritates me & I have to remember to check them all the way through before buying used copies. Tangent aside, they are fairly interesting for the most part. From Gulag to the Killing Fields is disturbing but amazing, and Once you get past the pretty damn boring preface and prologue to Guns, Germs and Steel it gets interesting and full of experiences. My 2nd year geography book is intense and overloaded on information that isn’t totally necessary but I love it for the detail in what the prof. is looking for.

So since I personally think I’ve talked enough about that I’ll move on to something totally off that topic.

This is about boundaries people. Everyone is entitled to their choices in life, and though we may not agree with them all (really who can) we have to accept those choices even if we can’t respect them. My husband’s side of the family just recently had an incident in which someone took it upon themselves to tag wedding photographs on facebook with the bride’s biological father’s profile. This is a man who abandoned his wife and children with no regard, turned around and walked away. This many years later (maybe 20, not truly certain) he has no right to this curiosity. The years for getting to know your children were while they were growing up not now that they are adults. I actually had this same thing happen to me last year. My biological father left when I was a baby, never wanted anything to do with me and never tried. That is until the summer of 2010. I was home visiting and was staying at my grandmother’s home, low and behold some relation or other of his lives directly next door to my grandmother, and as they often were out on the deck smoking or what have you, whenever we went out to the patio they were usually out there as well. Well apparently he got a little curious some time later during the year, and had an acquaintance do the same thing and tag a few of my wedding pictures with him. Well needless to say I also got more than a little upset, especially when it was followed by a friend request. Really, are you fucking serious buddy?!? After I chewed out the tagger on his wall where the sperm donor could fully see it as well as all 2000+ FB friends, I blocked the friend request and all available options to try to contact me which were pretty slim due to another previous issue with someone else. Basically that whole rant comes down to this. You always have choices to make, but there are some choices you make that you may not be allowed to take back so think very carefully about what you choose to do with your lives. If you make the choice to make, birth, and raise a child, stick to that. If you decide to leave your child for whatever reason you seem to feel is a good reason remember  that the choice to become involved may never be granted to you again & choose your final decision wisely. That being said, (also about a week later I am finally finishing is post) I just recently found out I have another half sister. Crazy stuff I tell ya, perhaps he just likes to throw his boy juices out there and if they land anywhere close to you you’ll have a new baby in 9ish months.  Makes me sick!

I recently read an article about a Canadian man who has been living in the U.S. for the majority of his life and was recently deported back to N.B. after some ‘minor’ legal issues. I started off feeling a bit sorry for him, but then he started going on about how he would have died for that country and none of his crimes were really that bad & that coming back to Canada is the end of his life (Seriously) and I lost all sympathy for him after that. Turns out his ‘minor’ crimes were driving while under the influence & some assault charges. So my question to him would be “If you were so willing to die for that country, why would you endanger the lives of your fellow country men by driving drunk, not everyone can be as patriotic to their country as you are”. I don’t find drunk driving to be a minor offense, I think those that drive drunk are fucking idiots that deserve to dump their vehicle in the lake and be left there to rot, although as an Environmental major I would pull the car out though 😛 I am honestly sick to death of people that take no regard for anyone else’s lives besides their own, there are close to 7 billion people on this Earth, we need to look out for ourselves for damn sure, but you need to watch out for others as well.  Here’s the article link in case anyone else feels like reading it.


So in honour of returning to school reading here is a book I had to read in the fifth grade. I loved and still to this day love this book. I wish I could find the project that I think it was Amy and I that did it together on it, I’d love to see it again and enjoy the innocence of adolescent book love.


In fact the next Chapters visit I think I will search this book out, it’s at most a 45 minute read and I’d love to re-visit that experience again.

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Binge Drinking

This originally was a post describing my return to school and the end of my frivolous reading period, however in light of of the death of a 19 year old young man at a NS university this week my thoughts have been overtaken by this instead.

Binge drinking does kill

There’s been a lot of controversy over whether or not the universities should have more control over students and their drinking habits on campus. I personally disagree with this notion. Official university frosh events are dry events, as they would have to be since there are students that are only 18 hitting up these events and there is always a way around this if you’re really searching for one. I am aware that this is the first foray into independence for many of the first year students, & frosh week can certainly be an intimidating affair with thousands of strangers surrounding you I can see the appeal of alcohol being the easy ice breaker, however you are legally an adult when you enter college or university (usually) and there should have been education somewhere along the way before you got there. Whether it came from home and your concerned family or from school and their lame presentations that you don’t really listen to and then laugh it off with your friends later on, maybe while smoking a joint or doing shots. Problem is you think you’re invincible when you say goodbye to your parents for the first time, and hey everyone else is doing it too.It’s a rolling ball of problems, the individuals involved have to have some shred of responsibility as well and the blame cannot be shifted entirely to the university. There are choices, you can choose to go to an official dry frosh week event, you can choose to party with your new friends and don’t drink or you can choose to drink excessively and hope to all deities that you are lucky, plus a plethora of other choices mixed in there. The university can’t make your choices for you, same as they cannot make you go to class and do your work and actually learn what is being taught. If partying is what you want to do there is no amount of rules that are really going to stop you and whether you do it on campus or in the dark park somewhere else, the end results can be the same.

This young man obviously did not know his limit, or he never would have drank a 40 of hard liquor with very little mix (of course this is all 3rd party information) and whether or not the university would have had a ‘dry’ residence this would have happened anyway, maybe not to this particular person but to someone, & that person very well may not have had a fighting chance if he got himself lost somewhere on the way back to his residence. His peers found him unconscious and gave him the best fighting chance when they called an ambulance whereas if he passed out along a road hardly frequented he would have had no chance at all. Kudos to the students who found him and had enough sense to call for help rather than put him to bed to sleep it off, but I do wonder if there was anyone around who noticed it getting out of hand before he went unconscious, I’ve never lived in residence so it’s difficult for me to know how things happen there. I thought there were residence advisors to help prevent something like this? Perhaps that’s not actually what an RA is for though and I’ve been mistaken for years.

I urge everyone to learn your limits, there’s a difference to feeling good and going overboard and it doesn’t take much to go over that line. Keep an eye on your friends, and have someone do the same for you, there’s strength in numbers and your safety is better insured when everyone is aware of what’s going on around themselves. Yes, I am preaching the buddy system. Be safe now, not sorry in the morning, if you see trouble then call for help. A little embarrassment is worth a call made too late to save a life.

I’m also incredibly saddened by the reactions of the other students that were interviewed. It was almost  joke for them, Oh he had a little too much to drink. That’s the understatement of the year. This is a human being with a family just like you, have some respect, it is not a joke and should not be taken lightly. It could happen to anyone, and if it was a friend or family member of yours I would imagine you would not be taking this so lightly. I would advise that there are always people listening whether you think so or not, and disrespectful comments should not spewed out without thought.

I wonder what your thought are on the situation.

That being said I’m sincerely sorry for the family of this young man, 19 years old is entirely too young to lose your life. He was just setting out and figuring out what to do with himself had probably not fully registered with him. Parents shouldn’t be burying their children, and my heart goes out to you.





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