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Boys be forewarned, you will not likely want to keep reading this specific post (if any of you actually do besides Eric). It contains fertility issues that sometimes makes you guys queasy and uncomfortable. Don’t say I didn’t warn you if you choose to continue & that goes for all of you that read this.

Today I had an appointment with a specialist for women’s issues, otherwise known as a gynecologist. I was a little weary after reading her reviews on a website. It seemed as though she didn’t have the time for you if you weren’t pregnant, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Google Maps was way off on their timing listed so I showed up pretty early, even before the office opened so I sat outside on a flower box on Portland St. hopefully not looking like a prostitute, lol. That thought had me putting my jacket on pretty quickly though. So I went over the office at 25 minutes to my appointment time, and ended up getting in & out of the office before I was even supposed to be there, not too bad. She was brisk but pleasant & after a brief conversation about my menstrual history, in which she fully agreed that going without a period for over two years is unacceptable & the results are painful and scary. The multiple ultrasounds & bloodwork that I have had done over the years have always failed to pinpoint anything. The same thing with pelvic exams. Armed with this information she was certain that there is nothing physically wrong with my girly bits, therefore it is likely neurological what with my brain not telling my ovaries to do their womanly duties, damn brain!! I cannot remember exactly what she called it, but it included a variance of something or other & she gave me a prescription for Mylan-Metformin which is usually used for old people to control their diabetes but has also been used in much lower dosages for treating infertility by reminding the brain to order those ovaries around.  For those who have known the struggles I’ve had in the past in dealing with infertility & the multiple appointments I’ve had to try fixing this issue, you have seen the some of the pain associated with this, you have seen a portion of the pain I’ve felt. This appointment left me very emotional, because if it works the option for having children is there & I have 3 years left of university left meaning this is not the best time obviously. For years, I spilled many tears over being the seemingly only person in my core group of friends that was unable to have beautiful children like they had. I love my nieces and nephews & I always felt so guilty about being so envious of their world, even when their world sucked with puke, poop & lack of sleep I was still jealous.  Eric & I were so sure that the possibilities were just not possible for us that we told people we had decided we really didn’t want kids anymore. It was a lie we told each other & one we told to some of our closest friends and I’m sorry for that but it was easier than constant disappointment over a single pink line. So now I’m going to try the Mylan-Metformin & follow up in 3 months to see how that goes. If it truly works I feel it is going to put us in a big emotional predicament, because 3 years of university is a very long time to wait when something you thought had skipped from your grasp is suddenly within reach again. However, we’ll let 3 months away Vanessa deal with that depending on the results.

In addition to that, my tailbone seems to be getting worse every day. The lump is back & painful but not as painful as last time……yet. I’ll keep an eye on it, and then if it gets worse I’ll head on back to the hospital 😦 A trip I am not looking forward to if it comes to that. Oh please don’t come to that!!

Now on a lighter note, I’ve recently been watching the Canadian show, Little Mosque on the Prairie. It’s pretty good, predictable as they follow the obvious jokes & stereotypes but I really enjoy the characters with the exception of the mayor. Fred is SUPPOSED to be an asshole but he’s still hilarious, as for the mayor I don’t think her lines are appropriate for her position at many times. I’m currently on season 3, and am getting impatient for the pinnacle of the Rayyann & Amaar story line. Things just can’t continue on this way, I mean come on, obviously they love each other So get on with it already!! Little Mosque is certainly no Corner Gas but it is still good with likeable characters and good laughs. I’m glad I gave it a shot.

Time is coming quickly for a visit from 3 of my favourite people in the world. At the end of July Amy, Ryan & Landonian will be coming to Halifax, we are so excited for this it’s unmeasurable!! I’ve already created a list of interesting things for when they visit that are child appropriate, and though we certainly won’t be able to partake in all of them at least we’ll be able to do some things together which is going to be awesome!! Then I leave with them for a week home for my aunt’s wedding, another super exciting thing! And I no longer have to take the train home because my aunt & Jerry are heading to Halifax for a couple days after their wedding so I can get a drive back with them. And Eric will get a chance to see them as well, which he’ll be happy for.

As usual I will finish my post with a blast from my past & today’s is Crystal Pepsi. These days I rarely drink soda, and when I do it’s usually plain Coke, Sprite or Dr.Pepper, but I have to really be craving it. But as a child I could drink it until the cows came home, which would be a while since I never lived in farmland (yeah bad joke I know :-P) This one came out when the small, stubby glass bottles were still available that had the wrapper made out of some Styrofoam labeling crap that I loved to strip off, but as an Environmental Studies major I should frown upon my fond memories of something that’s still kicking around somewhere. I honestly can’t remember if it really tasted like regular Pepsi but I’m inclined to say yes it probably did because my aunt was (and still is) a huge Pepsi fan and I’m sure she drank it, either way I drank it, probably enjoyed it but probably would hate it today. Certainly not the first or the last bombing effort Pepsi has made at marketing something different. Pepsi Blue anyone, lol. Icky!!


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So my friend Amy has been living a healthier lifestyle lately and just recently blogged about overcoming her aversions to the rabbit food (my words not hers) so in honour of that post I have decided to make mine today about fruits and veggies that are not staples, and ones I think people should at least try once.  I have also made a lifestyle change in the past months, I’ve abandoned industrially processed meat after watching both Food Inc. & King Corn. Both amazing documentaries that really opened my eyes to the cruelty and crap that goes into bringing us our mass consumption of burgers, steaks & abnormally large chicken pieces. I will admit though that after craving a donair for a very long time I gave in and ate one of those the other day, became mighty sick afterward, but enjoyable while it lasted. Also a lot of guilt for the cow forced to eat grain his rumen wasn’t made for. Sorry Bessie, I’ll try harder in the future. I still do eat fish and seafood on a regular basis, as long as they do not come from fish farms because they are also fed (generally) a corn diet packed with antibiotics, and I’m pretty sure fish usually don’t climb up on land to eat corn on the cob & get flu shots so that’s not a natural diet for them, & I don’t want it in my body. Eggs and cheese come from the farmer’s market where they come from organic farms where their animals are put out to pasture when the weather is good for it and grain fed without animal blood and bones or antibiotics in it. Feeding chickens with chicken blood sounds pretty nasty & if not imagine humans eating soup made with human blood & ground bones, not too appealing right, well I highly doubt that the chickens would want to eat their family if they had evolved brains like us either. It hasn’t been that difficult of a transition for me since I have never really been a meat eater anyway, and if we truly want a steak then we can visit the market not a real biggie. So, now that I’ve elaborated far too much on this subject I’ll move on to the real purpose of  this blog, the fruits and veggies you stare at but are not likely to pick up on your own.


Dragonfruit: Might also be labeled under pithaya. It should have a bright pink skin, firm to the touch but with gentle pressure you can still push in on it. No blemishes on the outside, and green tinges on the spiny parts (not sharp). I wish I could explain how this tastes, but it has white flesh ( there are also some a deep red but I haven’t seen these so cannot say if they taste any different) with edible tiny black seeds interspersed within. It has a crisp, clean taste, and if you entertain often you can ball it like a melon, and in slices is beautiful. The unfortunate thing about this fruit is the price (in Canada, anyway). They generally sell for about $7-$9 a pound, but if you’re lucky enough to have a shop that sells exotic produce often you might actually get them on sale. Anyone living in Halifax, Pete’s Frootique puts them on for $4 a pound which is awesome!!

Mango: I have never cooked with the smaller green mangoes used for savoury cooking, but I do love to eat fresh mango just like that. A ripe mango should be very juicy and should give slightly when gentle pressure is applied. Different regions will call their mangoes different things but I am most familiar with two types. A smaller yellow mango that we usually call an Ataulfo mango, and the usual green & orange (or red) variety which we call the Kent mango. The smaller yellow one is more firm & less juicy than the other and much more tart, if you prefer sweet go for the larger green and red one. Eat it however you like, some stores will cut it for you if you are someone who gets overwhelmed with how to eat things. I am not one of those people however and will peel off the skin and eat it out of hand, juices running down my face and arm. If you like those fruity sauces you put on meat and things, mango can make an amazing relish & salsa.

Passionfruit: Or another type the granadilla. The granadilla is orange colour and feels very light, skin should be smooth, whereas the passionfruit is a smaller purplish red and should get wrinkly skin for maximum sweetness. Not too wrinkly or the seed sacks will dry out inside. I first tried the granadilla because it is cheaper than passionfruit. DO not be alarmed, there is supposed to be green slime in there, and it tastes awesome. I am big on the texture of things, and this seriously grossed me out when I put it in my mouth, it is chunks of green slime with crunchy black seeds. Once I got to the crunch it got better for me, but I give you fair warning the sliminess is tough to get used to. I prefer the granadilla to the passionfruit, mostly because it’s larger, but the passionfuit is more sweet and I really enjoy tart fruit. I urge people to at least try at least three bites. Why three you ask, well it’s my (expert) opinion that the first time your brain is still fighting against the new thing, the second is a tester & by the third bite you’ll truly know if you like it or not.

Mangosteen: Not to be confused with mangoes, the mangosteen has a dark purple skin about the size of a clementine, and should have a cap of leaves attached to the stem on top. Interestingly enough the cluster of leaves on the bottom will tell you how many sections of fruit you will get inside. Pretty neat, huh? The skin is pretty firm and when you cut into it, you don’t want to cut through the fruit inside so you will only make a cut less than a cm, and take it all around so when you separate it the fruit segments will lie in one half. Only the white sections are edible, and they have a creamy almost citrus taste that is unlike any other. Unfortunately they are tough to find in North America since they do not travel well but if you are lucky you can hunt them down. But you might pay a pretty penny for them 😦 Also just an FYI, you will not likely find the bright green leaves on them here, the begin to turn a brown colour.

Kumquats: These tiny oranges are amazing! Note though, do not remove the peel or you will have perma-pucker for days. The sweetness lies in the peel, so you can just pop the whole thing in your mouth, or if you’re like me and don’t want to have to spit seeds bite them in half remove the seeds and then happily eat the other half. They are VERY acidic however, be forewarned. The seeds are also pretty huge for such a tiny fruit, about the size of grapefruit seeds, and the fruit is only the size of your top thumb segment. Because you are eating the rind as well don’t forget to give these a good wash since many other people were digging their hands around in there picking their own. Make sure you go for firm ones, once they get squishy it’s an icky feeling. They say if you roll them between your fingers before you eat them it releases the sweetness, sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t but they taste great regardless.

For today I’m going to stick to 5 & 5, but since there are so many more out there I might return to this another day.


Celery Root or Celeriac: This is one of the ugliest veggies you can find out there, but really tasty. It tastes very similar to celery, but it looks like a mandrake from Harry Potter. You will have to peel about half a cm or more before you get to the stuff that isn’t woody, and it’s very firm and smells amazing. I like to use it in stir fry’s and add it to a pot of mashed potatoes with Mascarpone cheese. It also brings a nice aroma to soups and stews. I decided to try it after smelling it at the store I was working at, I like celery but I hate the strings so I rarely use it in anything that’s not being blended, so when I saw this I decided to try it in a stir fry with a couple other veggies I hadn’t tried before. It was really good, leave it with a slight crunch and voila!

Lotus Root: I don’t recommend eating this raw, it is slightly bitter though I’ve heard from the sushi makers that it is good raw when it is immature, but that is rare to find in North America. I’ve actually only used this in stir fry’s but a former co-worker told me about baking it with sushi rice stuffing the holes, but it takes a lot of time and effort so I haven’t gotten around to that. Also heard they’re really good deep fried, but I don’t do that so I don’t know, sorry. Make sure you peel it, since a lot of the bitterness comes from there, and it is a root veggie so it will be very tough to slice. I cut pretty thin slices for stir fry because I don’t want to wait forever for it to cook through enough, in all honesty it’s a pretty bland veggie, but I find it reminiscent of water chestnuts in stir fry (which I love) and they are beautiful once cut. Word to the wise though, they turn brown very quickly so as you are slicing it, throw them into a bowl of lemony or vinegar water.

Okra: This is one I actually am not too fond of, flavour is good but it is a slimefest to eat. People rave about fried okra though so I’m adding it here because it’s something I would personally like to try. It was okay in stir fry, but only if eaten immediately. If it sits for any amount of time, or taken as leftovers the next day it becomes disgusting. The okra itself is covered in hairs, scrubbing does remove most of them, and the inside is a slime with seeds but unlike the passionfuit the slime is not contained in small membranes it is just slime and seeds. Seeds aren’t crunchy either so you really can’t avoid the slime, but that doesn’t bother some so I suggest trying it and seeing what you think. Perhaps preparation is everything for this, so I am willing to try it again in a different way, but not something I am running out to try a hundred recipes on. I also just noticed that you don’t see slime in the pic so maybe it’s a cooking thing?

Kale & Chard: I’m including these two together 1. so I don’t take up another spot & 2. you’ll find them pretty close to each other at the store. These are leafy veggies that really have to be cooked to be enjoyable. I love roasting them, they are also good in soups and smoothies. If you want to roast them you have to remove the hard spine, it just doesn’t work out well. A little olive oil, and some salt and pepper it’s like eating a yummy flimsy chip. Yummy!! I’d like to do some other things with this because they are supposed to be really good for you, but I can’t help it I almost always want to roast them. :-S Just a note the last one is a collard green which I haven’t tried yet, but have wanted to for a very long time, but I’d love to try them in the South where if TV is right, they are all the rage.

Eddoes: They are quite good mixed up in your potatoes, creamier texture than potato and highly starchy. I’ve also cut them up raw and put in salads. I just recently found a Caribbean recipe that I’d like to try which boils then mashes and then fries them with some onion and other yummy things. Looks really good so I think I’ll eventually try that one day.

Most grocers are willing to cut something open for you to see and taste so never be afraid to ask. If you do want to try something, don’t forget that the internet is a wonderful place for finding out how to cook or eat something you’ve never tried before. I will fully admit that I am more likely to try an exotic fruit than a veggie, simply because it takes less work, but I will try just about anything 3 times.

Today’s blast from the past is food related but nowhere near as healthy as the above items. I was looking for something I used to get all the time. They came in a square container with a paddle for eating it with. It was half chocolate cream and half vanilla cream and I loved it. I used to buy it at the Forwell’s in Waterloo, going to have to ask Leah to see if she might remember it. But since I couldn’t find that I went with button candy. I used to pretend I was taking my pills when I ate these, and even though they all tasted the exact same I never wanted share a certain colour, probably blue, lol.

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Dropping the Ball

I just finished reading the eighteenth novel in the Scarpetta series by Patricia Cornwell & I have to say I am severely unimpressed by the lackluster drivel smashed into one book. This is not a book review I save that for Goodreads, but it is a going to be a rant on some of my favourite authors whom I feel have dropped the ball in their later works.

I’ll begin with Cornwell because it is her latest novel Port Mortuary that I have just finished. Things began the slide downhill a couple of novels ago when they ruined one of my fave. characters by getting him completely ripped on booze and drugs and having him assault the main character that he had been in love with from the beginning of the series. Marino was a slovenly pig that indulged in far too many things, but he was what he was and owned up to it, he was madly in love with Scarpetta and was extremely resentful of any of her suitors especially Benton who is now Scarpetta’s husband. There is still some strain to the Benton/Marino relationship but for the most part everyone else seems okay with everything, which in my opinion is kind of weird, but Scarpetta can forgive just about anyone it seems. Benton got pretty darn boring since returning from his underground life, and after some social issues seems to be almost back to where he started off, except for the fact that he’s pretty rude and standoffish to his wife among a couple others, but the relationship between Kay and Benton has always been strange, then again how could it be anything else when it was born of dishonesty and adultery. Lucy (another fave) has become extremely paranoid and distant & I am expecting a huge Lucy part in the next novel as there was very little in this one. It almost seems as though her only purpose in Port Mortuary  was to give technological explanations, which has always been her purpose but she’s always had more depth and I am not liking this new Lucy, though I was not sad to see Jamie Berger leave, not that I disliked her just that she was inconsequential for me. As much as I disliked the recent book, I will continue to read the novels mostly because I am afraid of missing something like a major death or even a good storyline.

Next would have to be James Patterson. There was a time when I considered him to be my #1 favourite author. Those times have changed and fall further behind me as he cranks out new books like a speed demon. Whoever thought it would be good to put novels in an assembly line publication factory seemed to have forgotten that quality takes time. I haven’t read an Alex Cross book in a while because I got tired of the same thing happening. Oh no, Cross’ family is in danger from some madman once again, and his new girlfriend just doesn’t want to deal with this crap anymore. Which new girlfriend you ask, well I can no longer keep track. Sampson just had to get married and have a kid (or whatever happened I honestly can’t remember anymore) but his development was flushed out to sea with that, and Nana has never annoyed me more. She’s always been…..well Nana, but there comes a point in a man’s life when he has to step out from behind his Momma and Cross just never seems to make it all the way out, and am I the only person who believes that a woman that old shouldn’t be taking care of kids anymore. I mean honestly, she’s already raised her own, let the poor woman have a break. To step way from Alex, every other Patterson novel that has come out recently has been complete, utter crap. Even the ones he’s co-written which I had always enjoyed, have nothing unique about them. It’s all been said and done before, and the You’ve Been Warned book, WELL, let me be the one to warn you it’s such a stinker that you’ll need to keep the Febreze beside you while you read.

I was going to add Kathy Reichs to this list because I was not overly impressed with Virals, but it is a completely different series from the Temperance Brennen books though it does star her niece Tory(i). It is made for young adults so it isn’t fair to count that in since it is made for a younger audience, though I do think that Reichs would do well to remember that for her next Virals book, since some of the information and explanations are not quite suited to the fourteen year olds talking.

I actually can’t think of too many more to add to this. I was thinking James Clemens and Tad Williams but that is really more for their series Banned & the Banished and Otherland respectively. I think that it has more to do with the fact that they both read like one huge novel and by the end you just really want to be done with it all and really know what happens. Maybe that’s just my impatience talking but I found that with both series when I got to the last book I was fed up and just wanted it wrapped up.

One that I really want to mention though would have to be V.C. Andrews. Yes I realize that it’s a different writer now, her niece or something like that. But that is no excuse to let old standards die. You could always count on the characters in an Andrews book to be more screwed up than you on your worst day, but these new books don’t have that same oomph. There was always family issues, religion, usually rape and/or incest in each family. Not to say that I like rape and incest, because that would be really icky and weird, but old V.C. Andrews could draw you in like no other. I’ll be honest I haven’t tried to read a new one in quite a while now because I was severely disappointed in one of the newer ones about a boarding school or something too modern for an Andrews book. Maybe I’ll give it a shot again eventually if I see a kick ass review…..maybe.

On to something else, KickAss. I tried to watch this movie the other day. I couldn’t even get through the damn thing. For some reason I really wanted to like it, I’ve never read the comic book because I’ve never read a comic book in my life unless it was an Archie. Perhaps it may have struck a different chord if it hadn’t been Michael Cera in the lead role, I mean really can this guy bring another character to life other than Michael Cera. He is the exact same person in every movie I’ve ever seen him in, and he seriously irritates me. I seem to be a minority in that opinion though because people seem to love him and his weird hair. Well you guys can have him, I’ll continue to cringe when I watch him.

And on another completely random note, what is with artists singing about inane objects. I heard a Rhianna song called California King Bed the other day, wtf!! I love my California king bed too but not enough to sing about it. And I know I’ve heard some other weird shit like that too but for now they’ve slipped my mind.

For today’s blast from the past since I’ve already mentioned it Archie comics. Man oh man I loved my Archie comics when I was growing up. Seeing them at the grocery store, and then begging my mom to buy me the new one. And Double Digests, well that just totally made my week. I always hated the ones that were the kids though, always pretty boring.

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The Voice-Live Shows

Just began watching the first live show of The Voice. Decided to pull an Eric and do a quick take on each performance. This week is Team Christina vs. Team Blake, and it should be pretty good though I wish it was Adam vs. Christina because I enjoy the ribbing between those two. I also would like to point out that these type of shows are not my norm, I don’t watch American Idol, but there’s something about this one that I actually really enjoy.

The JudgesQueen Medley

They performed it well for the most part, I found Christina to be the same as usual attention hogging, and Cee-lo to be fairly bland. I’ve found though since watching that I am liking Blake Shelton more and more. There’s not too much unique about his voice, maybe it’s the way he holds himself while he belts out. Christina’s make-up seems a little off though, like crooked off.  8/10

Raquel CastroBlow

I just can’t help but love this girl, I mean she’s the adorable Jersey Girl kid for goodness sakes. I think she’s cute as a button, and multi-talented to boot. The performance went really well save for a few moments when it just didn’t pull together. Maybe it was nerves, dancing or like Christina said trying so hard to avoid a wardrobe malfunction (it was a pretty miniscule mini, lol) but there were some points that fell flat. There’s no denying she gave it her all to prove to America that she really is the whole package, and with some hard work she really could be. 8.5/10

Edit: After hearing the small replay at the end I’m taking my rating down to 7.5/10 There were even less notes hot than I originally thought. I’m sorry Raquel, but tone was just off, I don’t know what else to say about it.

Jared BlakeUse Somebody

Another one I love, tough not to root for someone who has 6 kids, I mean honestly 6 kids!!! I think you can handle anything. His performance was awesome, he performs with emotion and a rawness that you can’t ignore. His style (less the shiny bandanna, lol). I do find he hides a bit behind his guitar, Christina mentioned he may have stumbled when tossing his guitar but I disagree, in fact I think she just needed to have something to say. I agree with Blake however, he is a rocker, no doubt. He was one of my faves to begin with, and this performance changed nothing for me. I hope he goes right to the end & if not at least gets a break. 9.5/10

Beverly McLellanI’m The Only One

She may look a little scary, but she is superb. A little growly at times but it fits for her, I think. I was glad for the blind auditions for her, because honestly I don’t know if a few of them would have been chosen including Beverly.  What a great song for her!! Some of the lower notes got a bit lost, maybe because of the illness though. She performed it like a champ, humour, feeling & even a bit of dance. I was surprised she went with Christina, but Christina is embracing her and I really like that. She truly rocked not only that song but the whole damn stage. 9/10

Dia FramptonHeartless

I have to say I was surprised to see this song choice, I loved the piano addition but was not overly impressed with the sound of the song. It had its moments, and she’s quite good at holding those steady, clear notes, very little if any wavering. As the song began wrapping up towards the end I enjoyed it a bit more, I did not like the “Heartless” part though. I found it did not suit her voice, but maybe that was real emotion coming out. I’m not really sure though, because we haven’t seen much emotion from Dia at all, even when she was chosen. Shyness, aloofness I don’t really know, but overall she has a great voice and the performance was good, just not great. 7/10

Team ChristinaLady Marmalade

Way to go Beverly!!! Nice flavour to that song, and Frenchie added her huge voice to the mix (although I do wish she would lay off the humongous earrings, my lobes hurt for her). Beverly stole the show on this one, she was completely out of her element and it worked amazingly!! The two younger girls were good, but nothing spectacular about either of them, I would even go as far as to say Christina was outshone by Beverly, I am just totally blown away that a rock edge completely overtook Lady Freaking Marmalade. Excellent job, Team Christina!!! 9/10 < Only because I felt that Lily & Raquel were not truly utilized (or just didn’t step up)

Xenia MartinezPricetag

I really wish she would come out of that shell, there were quite a few times in this performance that she just seemed so lost. The chorus did not work with her voice, too low for her range. She appears uncomfortable most of the time, and that really takes its toll on her performances. The judges really played up the whole “to the left, to the right” thing too much, I personally don’t think it was such a big deal because it didn’t come off natural. It was forced, and the half-hearted thumb point behind her was dull. For the most part I think Xenia actually has a pretty nice voice, and she sang this well the chorus fell flat for me. Sorry Xenia, 7.5/10

Lily EliseBig Girls Don’t Cry

Have to say, I was surprised she was the winner last week in the battle. Lily’s voice is good, but she misses notes often and that was exactly what happened on this song. Her emotions felt contrived, which didn’t surprise me after the little video of Christina’s teachings. The performance overall, was just okay for me. Nothing exceptional, a lot of note errors and just felt fake. 6.5/10

Team Blake This Love

I loved this!!! Minus Xenia, I’m sorry I would love to get on board with the Xenia loving but I just can’t get behind her. She was boring and this song didn’t come off her well, thank goodness for Patrick, he totally brought it out with her. The performance became super with Dia & Jared coming in. Total redemption in Dia’s performance, and hell this was a great choice for Jared as well. Then Blake, oh Blake you are awesome!! Well done Team Blake!! 9/10

Patrick ThomasI Hope You Dance

Patrick’s really, really good. He nailed this song, and I loved that it was meant for his sister, it speaks for his character. Not as blatant as Christina, but he truly is adorable, and that hat (is it a Stetson? I don’t even know what that means, lol) completes his look perfectly. I honestly can’t find any mistakes with this performance. It wasn’t as flashy as some of the other performers, but that wouldn’t have suited him. I think his performance was absolutely perfect for what he appears to be. 10/10

Frenchie Davis When Love Takes Over

Those poor ear lobes >.< Man, that woman has got some pipes!! Frenchie has stage presence, not the biggest ‘performer’ but her interaction with the audience works well to compensate for that. She truly has a great voice, and her personality is great and works with her stage presence. Blake nailed it, she’s a power singer. Yes!! Christina exactly! Frenchie just has that ‘something’, and she pulls it off without a hitch. 9.5/10

Quick ending…..

Cee-lo > Please get rid of that ‘stache, it’s hideous, and red’s my fave colour too, but it’s not cheating on red if you wear another colour. Just sayin’

Christina > Make sure your make-up artist is not drunk when she makes you up, you are on television

Adam > I totally hope you’re doing a Blake Shelton song next week, that would be awesome. I love the dynamic between these two.

Blake > Keep doing what you’re doing

I’m interested in seeing what happens next week, the thing I don’t like about this show as opposed to one like AI, you don’t get to see the contestants(?) grow week by week. They don’t get as many chances to improve, and really make their mark on the voters. Good luck to all. If I was to vote it would have to be for Jared & Beverly, but I don’t do that kind of thing so for your chances I’m pretty useless.

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Oh the pain!!!

For the most part I’m a pretty healthy gal. Other than the fact I like to eat foods that no one should eat really which of course has its other effects (not my topic for today, however). But I had an abscess on my tailbone that required draining this week, in fact as I write this I am actually leaving in the next couple minutes to have the packing removed. Not an activity I am looking forward to. Now the doctor told me I could do this myself or have someone do it for me, and to just tug it all out in one pull, like a bandaid. For the record I am the kind of person who tugs tiny bits of a bandaid off at a time, never in one swoop, I am that much of a baby. So today in the shower I made the effort to tug just a small piece, well let me tell you, I almost fainted right there in the shower, had to turn the faucets to freezing cold to avoid that and puking my guts out.

It is now the day after having the packing removed, and I have to say it hurt a lot, I won’t lie, but it was much better than I was expecting. He told me to take a deep breath and as I was preparing to bite my own hand to keep from screeching, it was over. And it honestly feels better after just having that done, but there is still some pretty nasty looking and smelling gunk draining out of there, and the doc said it will probably take 5-8 weeks to heal fully. Holy crap on a cracker!! Let’s hope the heat doesn’t cause infection since (on me anyway) sweat likes to pool up in that area.

Well that’s about enough grossness I can take for one day so I’ll move on to lighter subjects. We had ourselves a pretty intense light show here in Hali the other night. I am terrified of thunder and lightning, so it kept me up half the night. Lightning flying all over the place, thunder booming every other second, it was insane, and there my husband is standing in our window recording lightning on his cell. Now maybe I’m behind in the times & technology, to be honest I don’t really care, but………. YOU JUST DON’T HANG OUT THERE WITH AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE!!! wait let me add a few more !!!!! Yes I know tons of people do it, but not with me in the room they don’t. If (insert desired deity here) forbid I would be the most terrible person to have with you in a medical emergency, I am just not that great at handling that stuff, it makes me feel faint, my legs turn rubbery and I want to vomit, kind of like pulling that gauze myself. There’s a reason I chose a 4 year course having absolutely nothing to do with gore over a two year course for the nursing field which let’s be honest here, you can actually find work for right away. Ah off on a tangent here, sorry, back to the thunderstorm. SO after a terrible night’s sleep I woke to check FB and then the news as per usual and there’s a million pics about this storm, and articles about the causes behind one of the most severe storms they’ve seen etc….. So there are more than a few crazies out there recording and taking pictures, I for one will stay snugly under my blankets with my earplugs in.






I just read this story about a woman who has racked up 117 fraud charges. 117 REALLY!! How on Earth did it take this long to figure this out. Honestly it just blows my mind how some companies don’t even bother checking out personal information, yet because I have no credit and in the financial world do not exist I can’t do a darn thing. So people like this woman make me sick, they do nothing but take advantage of others and granted they have apparently learned to think of themselves first and foremost, but that’s not on the top of my list of things to strive for.


Lately I’ve been thinking of things I’ve never done that I would like to do before I die, now a friend of mine recently  did a short list of things to do before 30. I debated on doing that but since I am a student it doesn’t leave me a whole lot of time to do those in 2 short years plus there are a couple bigger things that require some saving up for. So I’ve decided to make a list of things to do before 40, that will give me 12 years. I’ll not be writing this blog anymore I can almost guarantee that, but for the time being I can have some ideas thrown at me. Here are a couple I have thought of so far, in no particular order.

-Skydiving, not bungee jumping because I am scared of taking out my back bungee jumping, so I’d rather jump out of a plane instead & hope I don’t splat on the ground. One of the more expensive things because you have to take a training course before you can go, which makes a lot of sense since you know….YOU’RE JUMPING OUT OF A FLIPPING AIRPLANE!!

-Visit Costa Rica, it was where we wanted to take our honey moon because I REALLY want to sail through the treetops on a zip line, but alas another pretty expensive thing to do and it just wasn’t feasible for our honeymoon but we hope to be able to do it for our ten year anniversary in 2018, and I will zip line through the trees!!

-Volunteer at a shelter or soup kitchen. I know, I know I have had plenty of time and opportunities to achieve this, but in all honesty I can’t think of a good enough reason to why I haven’t done it before. In fact the only thing I have ever done for volunteer work is the Waterloo Buskers Festival. I sold popcorn and was a security guard for the final show. Really a 13 year old kid as a security guard what the heck were they on?  I used to justify not volunteering by giving donations, but it’s not really justification it just made me feel less guilty. But I will get to this, and I am hoping to do it before 30.

-See Cirque du Soleil. I have always wanted to see one of their shows for as long as I remember, but some friends recently went to LV for their honeymoon and she raved about the amazing show so it has woken up the beast inside me, and now I really want to go. Again though, it’s quite expensive so it’ll have to wait. Another would be to see a show on Broadway, but that’s really in addition to seeing a Cirque show.

-Run a marathon, now I am in no way, shape or form ready for even a quarter of a marathon, but I would truly like to get there. It will require a lot of motivation and training and the right equipment since running is difficult without the right sports bra, trust me I could hit myself in the face if I’m not careful.

-Get my grandfather a real headstone, not the cheap cement cross that was all my grandmother could afford at the time. My aunt and I would like to get them a double headstone but that would require digging up my grandfather which in my opinion should never happen. But he was buried alongside his family, and there was no room for my grandmother, which I’m sorry for the deceased but how rude to make room for other spouses and not her. Yes she came from a small fishing village, but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t be nice to her. Honestly, you weren’t so high up on the financial tree that you could see the top of her head.

-Start an RRSP. Yeah, I know they say that 25 is the latest that you should ideally set one up, but we didn’t so I would like to get this done by age 30, so we are not struggling at 70

So this is getting kind of long for now, but I will return to this list. I would like to poll you now on a couple smaller ones to get done for the year.

What do you think I should do before the year is out?

1. Climb the mountain 5 times when I go home for the summer.

2. Do a good deed every day for a month for random people.

3. Ride my bike everywhere for a month, save work because it requires highway travel and Hali drivers are crazy.

4. Give up chocolate for 6 months.

5. Learn how to knit.


And my blast from the past to finish off today is………..

Sweet Valley Twins & High

I am currently waiting for the new one Sweet Valley Confidential to get around to me at the library. I have heard terrible things about it, but I still want to read it. I read the SVT & SVH all the time, and even some of the university books, which weren’t as good as the younger ones. I loved Jessica but wanted to be Elizabeth, I might have to go see if I can look up some of the older books and re-read them. Especially the Sweet Valley Mysteries, lol they were so great.

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