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There were days when nothing bothered me, I could watch gory movies with the best of them, bad smells were simply offensive not gag inducing & goop was okay. These days slime makes me choke and gag, the movies they call ‘horror’ but are simply gore movies make my stomach roil violently, and the smells (stinks) of the world also make me gag and choke. Now this becomes an issue when I’m working, the old ladies that bathed in their perfume make me stand back and not breathe & heaven help me when the homeless man comes in for coffee, I actually stuck my nose in the jug I had just finished making slushie in then had to call someone else while I walked around outside almost throwing up. To me this is so rude & I hope nobody notices but in reality my hopes are probably just that, hopes. I try, really hard, but I just can’t handle it anymore, and so I chalk this up to age. I’m 28, but some days I feel like that was decades ago and my youth has escaped from me, laughing merrily as it skips away with cotton candy & lollipops. What gives? Come back youth, pretty please with cherries on top!!

It doesn’t seem to be working!!

Right now, I want to harp a bit on Student Loans in Nova Scotia. They STINK!! The estimate of what my assessment is, is less than half of what I received from New Brunswick last year. Where do they think my small amount of money goes? I’m not an 18 year old that gets to live with their parents during the summer and the money earned during the summer can’t all go to my schooling or I would have no place to live, no food to eat & starving pets. And if you’ve ever met my pets they can’t starve they’ll eat us first (Mommy’s little gluttons). And why on Earth does it take so long to process these things? Even if you get them in right after they become available you still wait forfrickinever, don’t people actually work in that office, gah, just makes me so frustrated!!!

On a similar but different note, the people I work with just don’t give a damn. Now granted I don’t work for the best company in the world, TRUST ME, but these people have no pride in their workplace and are so damn lazy it makes me sick. I didn’t think I would have such a difficult time not being in charge in such a familiar setting. I have no desire to be in charge, but I also think I know better than they do, which is so terrible I know, but I have standards and it just seems as though they do not or they’re so super low they’ve been buried under the floor. I know this is so wrong to be putting this out here, but I am just so frustrated with them and it’s going to be my outlet for now. I’ll stay away from specifics and certainly names but I sure wish they would smarten up. And grow personalities, all of them except one who has more personality than all the rest of us (yes me included) combined.

And with that lack of professionalism  behind me now, I’ll move on.

I want to touch down on drunk driving. HOW FUCKING STUPID CAN YOU BE!!! A good friend of mine was recently in a taxi after the bars a couple nights ago (Responsible!) when a drunk driver smashed into a parked car and sent it flying into their taxi & then took off, right now they haven’t found him but I really hope they do. She walked away with some wicked vertigo and a bashed up face so yes granted it could have been worse, but a completely unnecessary incident. Even on the small chance he doesn’t remember any of this, you can guarantee that his car is pretty banged up & a decent human being would have turned themselves in. I don’t care how well you hold your liquor, you are impaired after that first drink and your brain doesn’t fire it’s responses as normal so don’t drive. There are enough options out there be it taxi, bus, a friend, your feet w/e that you don’t need to endanger yourself and others with your stupidity. If someone did this to your family and killed your son/daughter would you be heartbroken and angry? If you have any shred of heart in you, then of course you would so why take those risks. Be a grown up & drink responsibly. Your loved ones could be at stake, not to mention anyone else’s.

Bit of a mood lightener, but today’s blast from my past would have to be Canada’s Wonderland. Man I loved that place. I wonder if I could handle the rides anymore in my old age and all. Top Gun was my very first roller coaster, and I remember coming home from that first visit and still felt like I was riding coasters when I was trying to fall asleep. We rode the SkyRider 7 times in a row because there happened to ne no one in line at that time. That slow climb creaking up forever (or so it seems) then the stomach lurching drop, sigh memories.

I also had the best ice cream sandwiches there. These huge chocolate chip cookies with ice cream and dipped in chocolate chips, I couldn’t even eat the whole thing myself, Mmmmm and funnel cakes with strawberries. Definitely need to get back there sometime.


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Since most of the world is talking about it, I’ll touch in on it briefly. Casey Anthony & the verdict that shocked us all. I know, I know! There are rules in place for jurors to follow & you can’t just vote guilty simply because YOU believe she is a heinous person, but come on!! I don’t pretend to be an expert, I didn’t follow the case closely because it completely disgusted me, and it is my personal belief that innocent people aren’t the ones to avoid reporting a missing child. That being said, I (& most of the world) think the decision was way off & I will stand by that. I am upset that Casey Anthony will return to freedom in a few weeks while a beautiful young girl will never see the light of day again, I hold a small amount of hope that her life will never be easy again because she doesn’t deserve it. That’s all I will say about it because it has been professionally covered by everyone and their brother & will continue to be after she gets out of prison when people will pay out of their noses to interview her & we will tune in to hear the monster speak as if it’s a freak show that you just can’t turn away from. I personally will not read or watch any interviews she chooses to give because I refuse to give her any more attention after this.

To the City of Halifax, please get the wastewater treatment plant fixed. There is entirely too much rain that falls in this area to have a system that fails when it rains a little too much and then overflows into the harbour. It is disgusting! The entire waterfront (frequented by tourists year round) smells like a porta-potty. Yes, I agree it’s better than it was a few years ago, but if you went to the hospital for heart surgery would you be pleased if on rainy days your aorta leaked. You don’t do a half assed job and then expect people to sit back and enjoy the smell of turds.  People bitch and lament about the money lost from the Black Eyed Peas concert, actually they’ll bitch about anything so do you really think we’re just going to sit here and keep our mouths shut. It doesn’t make sense that the issue has not been fixed yet, and when there are visible ‘floatables’ in the tourist trap (harbour) it is high time to get those proper valves & whatever else needs fixing taken care of. On the same page, stop littering!!!! We have a plethora of lakes in just the Halifax area & many people fish and/or swim in those waters so why the hell do you throw your garbage in there. We live in the close vicinity of ~8 lakes but we often frequent Albro Lake to walk around the paths. It blows my mind how much garbage surrounds just the perimeter of the lake, I’d hate to see what has floated to the middle. On any given day there are at least ten people fishing in said lake, they take these fish home and eat them or even feed them to their children. With everything else in this world polluting our bodies that we don’t have much individual control over (air anyone?) why pollute your own livelihood. Apparently these people have never heard of NIMBY (not in my backyard), or they just don’t care. Have some pride in your neighbourhood, not everyone has this tiny step away from industrialization to take advantage of & you’re killing it for any future generation that can push their way through the thick smog to find nature.

I wish I had the friend making gene. Some of you out there are so great at making new friends, I am nowhere near that. In fact after almost 2 years in Halifax I have yet to make a single friend. There are a couple people I talk to when I’m in school, but nothing that constitutes a real friendship. And I’m pretty terrible at keeping up friendships, I try but then my memory fails me and we lose touch. And while Facebook makes it easy to remain acquaintances & at least remember old friend’s names, it does nothing for maintaining real relationships. Eric and I were talking today about some friends that just went on a road trip and met so many new people, & their amazing sister who can make any stranger a friend in no time. I just don’t understand how people do this, totally boggles my mind. People think I”m stuck up, but I’m really not I just have no idea what to say to you and I have nothing worth talking about so I stick to myself. Work is easy, it’s not personal so I can talk to anyone, but transferring that to the real world is beyond me. So next year I have decided  to join some of the academic clubs in the hopes that I come away with  some relationships because it’s getting a little lonely with only a husband (though I do love him :-P). Wish me luck in this endeavor, I think I’m going to need it.

I feel it’s time to move on to lighter things.  Next week is mine & Eric’s 3 year wedding anniversary, and in honour of that I ate lobster today, lol. It was excellent, though we’re still eating something special next week & the week following we’re going to see the final Harry Potter movie, it’s been a long time coming and I can’t wait to see it. We made the extra effort to see it opening day for the first of the final two but this year it was a bit more difficult so the week after it is. It’ll still be great, and it’s hard to believe that Eric the HP obsessed once refused to even give them a chance, but after he did (because he loves me) he got hooked, and I mean super hooked. He’s such a geek, lol. My geek though. And we didn’t start the series together but we’ll finish it together.

Today’s blast from the past is Care Bears. There’s a newer one but I’m talking the first Care Bears with Shreaky & Beastly & the Care Bear cousins. This newer one is terrible & not just because I’m older. I watched them when I was a kid & when Kass was a kid, and they always brought a certain warmth to that half hour. They were adorable and always had a lesson but were fun to watch. I miss you Hugs & Tugs!!


Even the new song stinks 😦 Why do they insist on fixing things that are fine just they way they are. Old Care Bears will always be a guilty pleasure for me.;

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