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Where do I go from here

Lately I have been feeling well not so great about a lot of things. I’m angry, agitated and irritated so much of the time. I’ve decided to try keeping a real journal for the first time since I was a young teenager. There’s a lot of pent up stuff in this body & I’ve never been very comfortable talking about it. I’ll admit it I shut people out…often & so when I called a friend the other night when I felt completely broken down I realize something had to change. It was completely unfair of me to do that to someone who has enough on her plate. I shouldn’t have done that & I’m really sorry.

I’m not sure what is wrong or how to begin fixing it but what I am sure of is that I (me, no one else) have to start trying. I’m tired of the anger & the sadness & the tears & the bruises. It’s not healthy & I get frustrated about feeling like this when there is so much else wrong in this world (real problems) and then it just begins again.

I wrote this and posted it publicly so that I can try and hold myself to it & not just tuck it away like I usually do.


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Big Babies

A couple things have come up recently that have been bugging me. Are we as a society getting more sensitive or just more open about what bothers us & how we feel about it? A few times this week I caught myself thinking, “What a bunch of big babies!” Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, you don’t have to like it or respect it but that’s the truth, you can do your best to express yourself  but don’t expect to convert someone to your thinking all the time. I think you should always make yourself known and make strong points in your opinions but at least know what the fuck you’re talking about when you make those points. Education doesn’t have to be academic, but people at least need to know what is going on in the world today, to shape yourself & your children (if that’s the path you chose). All parents want their children to be the best that they can be, you don’t have to be a parent to know this, but how can you expect them to do this if you don’t start teaching them.Anywhooooo….

As always, especially as of late, bullying is dominating the headlines. This is ABSOLUTELY NOT going to be about bullying not being as bad as it’s being made out to be, so relax you can keep reading. It’s a huge problem, and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better so why? A friend & I were talking (semi)recently about her co-worker who didn’t realize that his daughter was quite possibly a bully herself. I can relate to this, I was not a very nice kid, in fact I would be considered a bully by today’s standards. My position within our grade school clique was “The Heartbreaker”, I was the girl who told you in no uncertain terms that you were not good enough to hang out with us, who were we you ask. Nobody! That’s the problem, the people doing these things are nobodies, looking to be somebody. I’m not justifying it, not at all. I was mean, I was a bitch. I’m not proud of myself & I sincerely hope that I have apologized to everyone that I know of who I treated that way, I know I have to many, and some I couldn’t even begin to try to find. Would my mom have realized this, no most likely not. I was always a private person, but this is only put out there to make you realize that you have to be the leader in your child’s life. Know what they are up to & teach them. Teach them about self-confidence and how to stand up for themselves, talk about bullying, what it is & why it shouldn’t be done. It’s not up to the media & celebrities to tell your kids that things will get better, it should be the best it can get. The whole point is this spiel is that every single person is responsible for your own actions, blaming circumstance on everyone else just isn’t going to work.

Moving on, Hunger Games. Yup, I am going there. I am absolutely sick to death of the debate over this book (& movie). Again I reiterate, educate yourself on what your child is reading or wants to go watch. All those groups that bitch, moan and lament about what kids are reading/watching today…. Man shut the fuck up! Is it violent, yes it is. But it is a piece of creative work that plays on today’s societal issues. We live in a violent world, among so many other problems with it. We soak up all the terrible stuff actually happening in the world and run with it but a piece of fiction that makes you actually think (without actually hurting anyone) is a big no-no, where’s the logic in that.

Fake Violence                                 OR     










Real families fleeing real threats of violence in Syria, yes a real country. Or a story that poses no real harm to you or your family. I can understand it not being your cup of tea, fine. But where is your outrage for what is really happening in the world today if those are the feelings that a fictional story evoke.

Social media has gotten completely out of hand. It seems to go in one extreme or the other most of the time. Total addict or couldn’t care less, but for the love of dog (<<Completely intentional, I don’t believe in god) people need to back out of your own business. Whatever your social media deal is, it’s yours not anyone else’s so make your own decision about how to deal with it. The only reason I keep my own FB active is because it’s all I really have to keep in touch with people back home. I’m not a good communicator, never have been and probably never will be. I can see how kids are growing and keep up with what’s happening in people’s lives easily. If someone doesn’t post a lot or posts too much, well deal with it in your own way, but trying to coerce someone to do what you wish them to do….Bitch please! I have a friend who’s currently thinking about de-activating her account and as much as I wish she wouldn’t it’s completely her decision and no one should be trying to make her decisions for her. Back out of people’s lives, it’s none of your business. And yeah I totally see the irony in what I’ve just written ;-p

On a happier note & not on this topic at all. Bones & Game of Throne & Nurse Jackie are all back. Yipp-frickin-pee!!

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Books & Movies


Just read an EW.com article about movies you should just read the book for because the movie did it no justice at all. Interesting concept & I agreed with them one some of them, others I couldn’t form an opinion because I had never seen them. I decided to make my own list but then changed my mind & decided to make a list of movies that deserve a movie portrayal and not a half assed one. You can check out EW’s list HERE.

In no particular order,

The Blue Nowhere

This book is so terrifying, in the way that it portrays just how cunning and awful people can be when you have this kind of understanding of the techno world. Done properly, it could be an amazing movie to behold. I picture Clive Owen as Frank Bishop & someone Ethan Hawke(ish) as Wyatt Gillette in my head.


Just read that Warner Brothers is planning on adapting this into a movie. I hope it works out, though in all honesty I think it would be better suited towards a television series. It is a MASSIVE book with so much information, kinda a la George Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series. It concerns a large group of people that find themselves in another land inside computers, virtual reality at it’s best (or worst actually at times), the types of people are completely different so I don’t even want to get started on that… But they have to work together to stop a group of old farts who want to stay alive forever. I am doing it no justice, so  HERE is a link to the synopsis. I hope it’s adaptation will not get mangled in translation. I couldn’t even begin to try casting for this, I think a lot of unknowns would be best in all honesty but casting Xabbu would be insanely difficult. I look forward to seeing what WB will make of it.

Thirteen Reasons Why

There are already talks of adapting this with Selena Gomez as the main character. I wasn`t sure about that choice then & I`m still not sure now, but she has some sort of passion for this story so why not give her a chance I guess. This new generation doesn`t seem to read like those before it so I think that acting this out is needed. It`s a story that needs to be told. People should realize that your every action (or non-action) makes a difference and it is up to us to decide which differences to make in this world. The term Bully is overused these days, and I don`t say that to mean that it`s not as wrong as it should be. But it is not seen in the context that it should be seen. Bullying has so many more forms it can take in our current society that some people don`t realize that they are taking part in it or that that the internet is not as faceless as it seems. And then others sit back and do nothing, which is just as bad. Celebrities can make all the “It gets better” videos they want, what victim really thinks that those people know anything about what they are going through at that moment. So make the movie & SHOW these people that their actions count and maybe some of us will make the choice to make them count for the right reasons instead of the wrong.

Wit’ch Fire

With all the supernatural things out there these days I am amazed that this hasn’t been done. It has elves, goblins, shapeshifters & so many more, Oh yeah I’m pretty sure there’s a witch in there somewhere too ;-p. Elena is the witch and she is just a young girl trying to deal with these newly discovered powers after her parents have been slaughtered and her brother taken. She is on her own but quickly finds help and the story unfolds naturally. Clemens is a genius! It is a coming of age story, sort of, with a number of characters that are endearing and heartbreaking at the same time. It also is a long saga that could probably do with a tv series portrayal but I highly doubt that.

On the Jellicoe Road

I couldn’t devour this book fast enough. It has a relationship dynamic unlike anything I have ever read before. People you are supposed to despise and you just can’t, a history to uncover and understand & tragedy that can’t be quite let go. I would love to see if the relationships could transfer through to the big screen and it’s one of those young adult angsty things that catch on like wildfire. I need to see Jonah Griggs brought to life!

The Glass Castle

Hope, that is what this book represents. That no matter how bad things seem there is a way out if you choose to find it. Heartbreaking & uplifting at the same time, sometimes even on the same page I think it could transfer well to the screen. The public loves a dark story & you slap a based on true events sticker on it & poof…. you’ve got it made. Reading the book, it’s a bit choppy (Being a memoir and all) putting it together on film would make it seem less so I think.


I read this book LONG before I probably should have. It’s sexy, gritty and the ultimate revenge story. Rachel sets Danny up for a huge fall after  he ruined her life years ago. She is forced to become a prostitute for him and when she becomes pregnant (by Danny) he forces her into an abortion and then onto the streets. From rags to riches, homely to beauty and pitiful to powerful. We have the power to change ourselves no matter what anyone tells us. That’s what this story is about, never back down. We need more movies like this. Putting it out there in the world that we don’t have to be someone’s bitch, we can be ourselves and rule at it.

The Beach House

Another revenge story but on the legal level. Imagine holding your brother’s killers captive while you give them your own trial on camera and broadcast it to the city. I love the books that Patterson writes with Peter De Jonge, they turn out so well. Most of this takes place in a beach house so it could be pretty cheap to make so long as you don’t go all out on superstar actors. I think this should be made, but don’t ruin it like you did with Along Came a Spider please.

Before I Fall

Another one that needs to be told for today’s youth. We really do have the power to change things with our actions, even when you have not been the best person the whole of your life. Regard your actions as if someone’s life depends upon it.

World of Warcraft Lore

The fantasy genre is not just for dorks anymore. Hell, dorks aren’t just for dorks anymore (Big Bang anyone??) Yes I play the game, but the books that people out there have written about the lore are pretty good too. Seeing it played out would be pretty awesome, but live action not animation. We get enough of the animation in game and the potential to make a truly amazing live action fantasy movie is ripe for the taking. So go on, dooooo it! You know you wanna!!

Dark Tower Series

So I’ve never actually read this, it’s coming from Eric’s mouth and this is what he says…

It an amazing fantasy book that while you are reading it you can’t help but want to see it done well on film. It’s been thought of before, been put on the back burner for multiple projects but a tv series would be best because of all the content. Casting would be best with unknowns, easier not to typecast with unknowns.

Books that deserve better movies than they got

Great Gatsby

Maybe this new version will be better but I highly doubt it. The story is well written and the movie was blah. Mia Farrow, not your best performance. The whole point of the story is lost in the movie. It’s about living and obtaining that American Dream, the wealth & recognition. Daisy comes off as a big whiny brat not the desired object of Gatsy’s heart.

Percy Jackson

 I can’t even begin to tell you the mistakes they made with this!! Grover is NOT cool, he’s a nerdy goat boy. Annabelle is blond, hello that’s a discriminating feature of Athena’s children, don’t change it. And they got rid of the big bad guy, how do you do that!!


I loved the books, yes I really did. But the movies are terrible. I even liked Bella in the book, even though she really is so annoying I still loved the relationship between her and Edward. But the movie, yuck even though they seem to get better as they continue, though I haven’t bothered to watch part one of Breaking Dawn yet.

Running Man

Arnold Schwartzenegger?!? Really. If anything could be on a please remake this 80’s movie list, this should be there!! What were they thinking. Massacred.

Da Vinci Code & Angels and Demons

First mistake was casting Tom Hanks as Langdon, not that I don’t love Hanks but he is not Robert Langdon at all. Aurey Tatou wasn’t too bad of a choice in all honesty. But the film did not transfer over well. Not sure what exactly the main problem is but it didn’t come out well at all & Angels and Demons, whew what a stink.

Great Movie & Great Book

Harry Potters & Shawshank Redemption

Yes there were some parts left out that were hard to swallow sometimes, but overall they are really well done. If you haven’t bothered reading the books I suggest you do because you are missing some really great writing. Rowling is great at what she does and you can tell through her writing that she is completely invested in her characters.

They turned a short story into a phenomenal movie with two actors that possess an awesome dynamic. That’s good writing, and plus they managed to stay true to the short story. Can’t beat it as a prison movie in my opinion.

There are others few and far in between that somehow made the movie even better than the book. A Walk to Remember & Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist for example. The writing was dry and boring in each, and Norah was so damn unlikeable in the book I wonder how it got cleared for a movie to begin with.



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