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So…… I’m sure most of you have definitely seen me ranting about the implications that the damn transit strike has been having on my daily life so I’m only going to briefly mention a little bit (directly) about that. The problem is; that it has caused a ripple effect into the other aspects of my life.

Now I can understand, to a certain extent, the frustration on the part of the Amalgamated Transit Union. The cafeteria style scheduling system that they’ve been using for years is familiar to them and quite handy for those that have a family that require scheduling around. I also believe that people deserve raises for jobs well done. Of course that is not to say the transit workers always do a job well, in fact some of them are quite ignorant and rude,but there are always the people that make it worth it to see them. As with anything else I suppose. But I digress. At this point I am just getting ticked off, one group cannot get everything that they want, that’s not what negotiating is about. Regardless of what they do the public is going to be the one footing the bill in some way, shape or form so let’s just get on with it already The ATU has repeatedly said that it is not about the money, but yet when presented with their desired scheduling and a lower percentage raise it was turned down. SO let’s get real here, IT’S ALWAYS ABOUT MONEY!! Stop lying to us and the city and get it out there once and for all so maybe honesty can start things rolling. We’re on day 12 of this strike and there are no signs of ending at this point. I think it’s incredibly rude to post Peter Kelly’s phone number on a sign saying “Need a ride, call this number”. Peter Kelly is not the only one to blame for what is happening, and I am not a fan of Kelly and his perpetual nothing wrong here attitude. I find it rude the the paying public to throw it in our faces that some of us are left without ways to get to and from important places, like school and work. I liken it to the equivalent of someone heading exactly in the direction of where you are headed and not bothering to offer you a drive. No manners or respect. Everyone has to give a little to get a little, they have to understand that something has to be done to help alleviate the budgetary woes that go into the cafeteria style shift selection. Kids are told all the time that they can’t have everything just because they want it, is that what the Union is reduced to…children?? My mom used to tell me money doesn’t grow on trees, somebody should remind both the Union and HRM about that. Hey Mom, you want to do the honours?

The problems that have stemmed from this are hitting me hard. I am incredibly stressed out. I have to rely on strangers to try and get to classes which is incredibly frustrating. Walking two hours+ is really tough on my feet and legs and my poor old lady back. I need to get in to see the orthopedic specialist, but I lost my prescription and my doctor moved her office ridiculously far away and I can’t bloody well get there to get a new prescription. So I have no excuse (valid acceptable excuse) for missing classes or important exams because I couldn’t get to my doctor for a note anyway. Now I did walk home one day last week, and by the end of the walk I was limping so badly that I had to call Eric to come and meet me to take my backpack from me because I couldn’t take it much longer. It looks as though I have three walks ahead of me this week if I can handle it that is. I cannot afford taxi fare, it’s around $30 for one way, so if it comes down to it I can walk partway and cab it the rest of the way, but in all honesty I really can’t afford that either. Being a poor ass student stinks. So with all this stress and frustration I have been having a very difficult time focusing on my studying. Not good when I had 3 midterms last week. I did not do well on them at all. C+, B- and an A-. Completely unacceptable, I cannot have a mind that won’t focus. I wasn’t even sure if I could make it in to the university to write the exams in the first place, so I ran around trying to find a ride in between studying attempts. Not very efficient use of my time, just as writing this post is not a good way to study for my philosophy exam, but I have to get some things off my mind. So my grades are suffering, and I can’t afford to have that happening. I did not come back to school to do a shit job of it, it costs too damn much.

I also joined the gym the week before last, I have been twice. I haven’t had the time to get there in between trying to get to and from school or trying to study or just being totally played out from everything. I wanted to join the gym because I’m tired of being unhealthy and I’m tired of being a fatass. So I joined with full intentions of getting out there and working my ass off, quite literally. I haven’t made it in and stress makes me eat the worst crap I can possibly find. Which is just making me irritated and cranky. Not to mention headachy because I’m slouched over so much my back is perma-curved.

I also went back to the gynecologist, she did a pelvic exam and sent me on my way with another prescription for pills and an appointment for another damned ultrasound. I’m at the point where I just want to tell her to cut me open and take everything out, it’s causing me more problems than anything else. I can barely remember to take these pills twice a day……with an alarm, now I have to take them three times a day. I`d be perfectly happy with a two month cycle except for the pain I get leading up to it. I wear a bra with K cups, I do not need my breasts swollen for a good two weeks before if not more. Nor do I need the 3 weeks of cramping and intermittent nausea. It`s not fun and no one should have to deal with that. So for now I wait, again. Always waiting when it comes to my inner lady bits.

Here`s also a quick update on my classes so far this term, I hate almost all of them ;-p. Biology is a pain in my ass. I am not a dictionary, there is no bloody way I am going to remember all that terminology. My human geography class is the most utterly boring class in the world and I have no idea what the prof. is even looking for half the time or what he`s getting at. He admitted that he goes off on rambling tangents but this is beyond that. Philosophy is……. beyond my brain capacities I fear. I don`t care about what all these people think, nor can I keep my eyes from drooping while I try to read the most boring textbook I have had to date. The best part about it is finding all the spelling mistakes, apparently they couldn`t afford a good editor, lol. My oceans geography course is good, but International Law is confusing and there is a shit ton of maritime history. On the plus side, the `textbook`is not really a text book at all so it should be much less boring. And finally Geography of Canada is not too bad. I`ve always had a difficult time with demographic things so I struggle there, but I really enjoy that prof. so it`s all good.

It is customary that I finish with a blast from the past, today`s is actually me in grade one. I went to Brighton Public School in Waterloo, and in grade 1 I had my banana seat bike stolen from my yard and dumped in the sewer drain at the school yard, broke my arm falling off the monkey bars, and discovered my love for reading. What I would give to have just one day more of having no cares in the world besides trying to be the one who got to sit in the pillow laden claw foot tub in the class to read Robert Munsch or maybe Amelia Bedelia.




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