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Well most of us are still here, who woulda thunk it? Oh wait I think I did. Now I promise that’s it about Rapture from me, well until the next Doomsday prediction.

Today I’m feeling nostalgic and thieving so I am going to steal my hubby’s Top Tens idea and recount what are my own top tens. Whether or not I’ll make it a weekly feature as he does remains to be seen. Today I’ recounting my top ten childhood favourites. Since I had decided to always include a blast from my past at the end of each blog I will not be including one today since this whole topic is a blast from the past.

10.  Halloween– Yes I know it still comes every year and many children still go out there. But when I was a kid, I looked forward to it right from the beginning of the school year. Being a witch was always my go-to costume. I loved dressing up as a witch & it was usually a pretty cheap costume which I’m sure my mother loved as well. I took the pillowcase and headed out, sneaking candy before my mom checked out all my candy. Those were the days, sigh.

9. Sleepovers– Usually at least once a weekend we had a sleepover. We very rarely had them at my place, as a child I spent a lot of my time at friend’s places. We stayed up late, ate junk food, discussed boys, and generally made a huge mess. Birthday parties almost always ended in a slumber party with screeching girls & lots of crumbs. And always the fight about who slept where, if you weren’t quick you might have been sleeping with feet in your face, or even worse the floor. Such a carefree time, it was awesome!!

8. Hunting salamanders & eating wild fruit – My hometown is plentiful in hills & mountains, and we could play in those hills for hours. We used to hunt wild salamanders and hoped that their tails would fall off in our hands. We ate choke cherries, crab apples, wild blueberries, strawberries & raspberries & they were delicious. Running around turning over rocks certainly built up an appetite but there was no way we were going home to eat & waste time. It’s a wonder no one ever  got poisoned in all honesty, I mean it’s not like we had a book of the edible wild food with us, and even if we did we probably wouldn’t have looked at it anyway.

7. Playgrounds– Do you remember see-saws? Not those weird ones you see now, but real ones. The big wide wooden ones that really hurt your ass and the inside of your thighs. And heaven help you if someone was feeling funny & jumped off, OUCH!! But they were so much fun. Tire swings were the ultimate swing, except when it had rained and then you always got smelly dirty water all over yourself because you couldn’t just not go on the tire swing. Regular swings are pretty cool too, but in the choice between the two, tire is always going to win for me. My ultimate favourite though, was the monkey bars. I had perma-callouses on my palms from the monkey bars. I’ll never forget the time I relaxed by back while on them though. Worst pain ever. I also broke my arm falling off the monkey bars, didn’t keep me off them in the future though. 😛

6. New Kids On The Block– I loved these guys. I listened to them on cassette over & over. I was going to marry Joey McIntyre, and I wore an ugly baseball hat that looked like it was thrown up on by a hot pink paint monster. If you promise not to tell anyone, I’ll let you in on a little secret…… I’ll take that as a yes I swear to keep this all to myself. These days I won’t turn it off if I happen to hear a song by them, and I probably still know most of the words. But I wouldn’t go as far as to book a cruise with them and The Backstreet Boys, the latter I never could get into.

5. The Simpsons– I know they’re still on the air, but it’s just NOT the same. If I laugh once in the half hour these days, it’s either at a commercial or they did something right for once. I loved Bart Simpson, how could you not? He was hilarious, and sometimes sweet but his heart eventually led him to see the wrongs of his ways. That was the beauty of older episodes, they meant something most of the time. Now it just seems to try too hard to stay current, and any fan of The Simpsons knows that the almost timeless appeal of the older episodes is just that. It didn’t play up to all the trends & fads. Just hilarity. Thank goodness we own the older seasons so I can enjoy them again & again without those pesky commercials.

4. The books I read over & over– As I still do these days, there were the tried and true faves that I always went back to. I read these books so many times, well I can’t even think of anything witty to say about it it’s just that sad. Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, as a chocolate lover I loved, loved, loved this book (& still do). My favourite part will always be the scene they first walk into the chocolate room. Roald Dahl did a great job describing the things I could see in my head & wanted. Of course, fizzy lifting drinks would be cool as well, and who wouldn’t want some lickable wallpaper that tasted like snozzberries. Charlotte’s Web, I’ve never been a fan of spiders but Charlotte is endearing and I wanted a pig for years because Wilbur is so adorably portrayed. Plus, I could really identify with Fern. I loved the fair scenes, despite the ending sadness. I thought Templeton was hilarious in his gruff rude way, and the meals Wilbur ate made scraps seem almost enviable. And finally Old Yeller, I loved this book. Sadly I haven’t picked it up in many years, but I think I will have to change that now that I’ve realized this. Yes the ending is terrible, yes I bawled like a baby after finishing it each time, but MAN, the story is excellent. It’s the classic boy & his dog story, and as an animal lover I knew how he was feeling each time he gazed upon Yeller, but I never would have had the balls to do what he did (yeah, I know it’s fiction).

3. The movies I watched over & over– The Wizard of Oz, how can one go wrong when there’s a prominent pair of ruby slippers involved. Scarecrow was always my favourite too Dorothy ( but it was kind of rude to tell him that in plain view of the others). The munchkins were some of the ugliest & yet cutest singing people in the movies. I will admit though that when I was a kid I often skipped the black and white part at the beginning of the movie, even then I didn’t like things that looked old (hehe). I loved the story, and always got a kick out of the fact that they start at the very pinnacle of the yellow brick road, really it’s not jaywalking. Though it gave my friend Amy the shudders, I also loved the Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory movie, she hated those creepy Oompa Loompas (lol). I always wondered how on Earth one could suck on those Everlasting Gobstoppers for very long though, they were pretty oddly shaped for sucking. I loved that my favourite scene was brought to life pretty darn well, at least it seemed so at the time, now of course in the time of CGI and technology it’s pretty lame, but I love it just the same. For the record, Johnny Depp has nothing on Gene Wilder as Wonka. Finally, The Princess Bride (one Amy can approve of), if I could count how many times we watched this movie….well I’d rather wish for a dollar for each view. The best love story of my youth, I loved that it’s a story being told in (what was) modern times. Ah Wesley, how I loved you so, I would have done anything YOU wished. As you wish!!

2. Buying things for a dollar– Oh how I miss these days. I remember going to the store & getting a bag of mixed candy, or a chocolate bar, or an ice cream, or a soda I used a dollar (bill) and probably even got a little change back. What can you do with a dollar these days? Not a whole heck of a lot besides save it until you have more. Sigh, I also pine for the days of good candy, but that’s for another day. But I’ll be reminiscing since I brought it up.

1. Barbies-Now let it be know that I was never a girly-girl but Barbie was the best. Now one couldn’t play with Barbies on their own, No Way!! Barbies needed to be played with a friend, preferably a best friend. I had a few friends I played Barbies with regularly Amy & Leah, & sometimes Kim but she wasn’t as fun since she had to ask her mother if her Barbies could have sex. I mean really, who does that, lol, live a little. Now playing with Amy was always the best, we had our go-to names. Peyton & Jazmine (with a Z) for me, although I can’t remember what her names were anymore, sorry Ames. And we only had one Ken doll so we used a spare Barbie as another boy doll. We made the most awesome ‘homes’ for our dolls out of a bunched up comforter, how you ask, well these days I’m not quite sure i think it requires a lot more imagination than I have left. Our Barbies were also in love with Weird Al, haha. It should be known that we didn’t always require Barbie to play Barbies either, we made out pretty well with a chess set. I still say our version of chess was way better than really playing. Now playing with Leah was a whole other story, less imagination needed since she had the pool set, and the mall set & a whole pile of other cool Barbie accessory sets, plus a Jem doll. The Jem doll was awesome with her flashing earrings & knees that did strange things (at least I think that was the Jem doll). All in all, imagination wins in my opinion. So here’s a big kiss from Barbie to Weird Al for old time’s sake, xoxo.

So that’s my reminiscing for the day, and of course while writing this I came up with so much more that I forgot about while making the list in the first place. But I’ll keep those in my head for another day.

Thanks for tuning in,



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The beginning!

So now I know there are some crazies out there that actually believe this is the “beginning of the end”, but for me it’s a blog beginning.


I for one am not a believer in these things. Armageddon & Apocalypse, in my humble opinion, will take second to what we ourselves are doing to the beautiful world we live in. Don’t worry I will not harp on how industry & politics will kill us while we count our money in a forest devoid of life, but it’s always in the background.

Most of my posts will likely be in response to articles I have read in the news (or less reputable sources :-P) with probably some rants about things that have irked me. I’ll try not to go out on tangents……….buuuuut I make no promises. Maybe some stuff about pop culture, buty I try to leave that to my husband who has his own blog devoted to pop culture because he is a tv/movie/music buff. I only know what I like not the history’s behind it, sometimes I don’t even know why I like it.

Now on to even more stupidity, check out this example of great parenting.


We can be thankful that the daughter was 19 and not a small child because the dumbass mother could have seriously hurt a smaller child having a tantrum. Thankfully it was only the daughter’s foot that was run over, which I am sure was painful enough in its own right. Glad that the mother is being charged, I am sure that if this resulted in hitting the daughter with her vehicle that there were plenty of other incidents that were maybe never reported. Of course i could be dead wrong, and honestly hope I am, sometimes people just snap I guess.

I love to read, and will try just about anything. I love Kathy Reichs, and am trying her new young adult attempt, Virals. Not sure how much I’m going to enjoy it though, but I’ll plod on until I either get sucked in or decide it’s not worth my time to continue.


I’ve also made a promise to myself that I will try to read some of the classics. I’ve been (VERY SLOWLY) making my way through Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina. He is an incredibly gifted writer, making his characters come to life with so much detail. That being said, all that character detail makes for the story being pretty slow to come out, but I did make a promise to myself and those are important ones to keep, if you must keep a promise.

And now to finish off my first entry, a blast from my past. Do you remember slip & slide? Maybe they still make them, I’m not really sure I haven’t visited the toy section in a very long time.  I’m watching Billy Madison (also a blast from my past) and one of his graduation parties the kids are playing on a slip & slide. I used to love those things. One of those times I used to literally take a running leap, the red belly afterwards. It was all in the name of fun, and always awesome!!


Thanks for tuning in,


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